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  • There are lots of hits in the world of gaming, but sometimes just as many misses. When things go wrong, they can go REALLY wrong and tarnish reputations (sometimes even ending franchises). Here are ten of gaming's biggest failures so far, that left a crater so big you can see it from space.

  • GameStop has transformed from a video game retailer into a novelty store, but the toys aren't exactly herding the crowds through the doors. Is there any way to avoid their imminent doom?

  • Refunds are something every gamer should be entitled to. While Australia and Norway are working to protect people, a Star Citizen case is taking opportunities away and could threaten these rights forever.

  • Rental stores were all the rage "back in the day." Now they're as dead as a dodo. As a result, gamers have lost a lot of opportunities. Are we missing the brick and mortar stores because they were better than streaming, or is this just a nostalgia attack?

  • Google is an unstoppable force, and rumor has it they're looking to reach out and snatch up a piece of the gaming pie. Will they be able to make a successful transition from tech to video games as Microsoft did, or will they crash and burn? Side eye...we're lookin' at you Nokia N-Gage...

More Details Arrive for COD: Black Ops 4's Zombie Mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Zombies mode will have a little bit of Black Ops 2's zombie experience in it.

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Revealed

This PlayStation 4 Pro will probably be the least subtle addition to your entertainment center.

Epic Has Plans to Avoid Future Fortnite Tournament Disasters

The start of Summer Skirmish wasn't that bad, but it did raise some concerns about the rest of the Fortnite tournament series.

Stewart Copeland Composes New Theme for the Spyro Trilogy

The composer of the soundtracks for the original three Spyro games is returning for Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

Clash of Clans and Other Games Used for Money Laundering

Another stain on the mobile gaming freemium market has appeared, as certain titles were used in money laundering schemes.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Breath of the Wild Update Released

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the gift that keeps on giving, this time adding a new character option and motorcycle for free.

Voldo Confirmed for Soulcalibur VI

Voldo is back for the latest Soulcalibur, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Power Rangers and Street Fighter Crossover Hits New Heights

Street Fighter's Ryu is now a Power Ranger named Ryu Ranger.

Why PUBG Is Screwing up Big Time

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' integrated custom matches might requiring forking over some extra cash. Is this a mistake? Should this feature be free?

These Games Deserve a Second Chance

Games like Shadow of War and No Man's Sky are making big changes long after launch. Does this mean people should be waiting to buy games? Or is it a situation that shows gamers should be more willing to give titles a second chance?

5 Hottest from the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese games have amazing casts of characters who are well developed. They not only are strong and have fun personalities, they look amazing too! These five are the best looking ones out there!

Top 10 Biggest Video Game Fails in History

There are lots of hits in the world of gaming, but sometimes just as many misses. When things go wrong, they can tarnish reputations and maybe even ruin series! Here are ten of gaming's biggest failures so far.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII - Zombies: Blood of the Dead Trailer

Relive the undead legacy with this reimagined fan-favorite Zombies experience.

Overwatch Support Characters Are Being Reworked

Most Support heroes will receive a buff in Overwatch, but Mercy will be nerfed.

Mario Kart Hot Wheels Expected to Release in 2019

These Mario Kart toys don't look like your typical Hot Wheels, what with the characters and all, but they are rad as heck.

Halo Wars 2's Season 11 Update Has Arrived

Thanks to the Halo Wars 2 update, players will have to adapt their strategies and get to enjoy some crossplay.

"Dynamic Faction Wars" Announced for The Division 2

The Division 2 is expected to make players feel like they are playing in a "living world."

PS4 6.00 Firmware Beta Signups Begin

Now's your chance to test a mysterious PS4 firmware update before it goes live.

Xbox Live - Ultimate Game Sale

Ultimate Game Sale is back! Take advantage of savings up to 65% on Xbox digital games plus Xbox Live Gold members save up to 10% more.

NHL 19 - Reveal Trailer

EA SPORTS NHL® 19 is available worldwide on September 14, 2018.

Antonio Brown Is the Madden 19 Cover Athlete

Antonio Brown is the face of video game football for 2018, as he appears on a Madden cover that is brighter than usual.

Bowser Jr. Nerfed in Mario Tennis Aces Update

Bowser Jr.'s reign of terror is coming to an end.

The Culling 2 Is Dead

The Culling 2 is dead, and the developer is returning to work on the first game instead.

EWin Flash XL Series Gaming Chairs Keep You Comfy

EWin Flash XL Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chairs are designed with gamers in mind and will be there for them for years to come. No matter what activity someone is enjoying, this chair will keep them cozy.