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  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is going to be huge! This game has so much potential, it could be considered one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Why you might ask? Here are ten reasons it'll rock!

  • NBA 2K18 delivers once again with a wealth of content and enough replay value to last the most hardened gamer until next Spring. It keeps delivering with single and multiplayer modes, as well as options to play basketball or manage a team.

  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite had a rough time and has a lot to prove. Does it capture the right feeling for the franchise, or is the drama justified?

  • What better way to show your allegiance to a game series than by getting a tattoo, which is VERY permanent. There are some amazing ink jobs out there, all inspired by a love of gaming. Here are seven of the absolute best, which might even prompt you to run out and get one!

  • After a two-year break, NBA Live 18 is back and equipped with RPG systems, the WNBA and more. While some decisions are good, others feel like they aren't as wise.

  • There are always problems in the gaming world. Toxicity runs rampant. How can the virtual world be a better place? Well, if these seven behaviors were eliminated, things could improve! But...what if you realize YOU'RE the problem?

Nintendo Sends Out Super Mario 64 Online Take Downs

Super Mario 64 videos are being taken down and its creator's Patreon shut down by Nintendo.

Minecraft Is Better Together, Except on the Switch

Minecraft players can join each other's games on every platform except the Switch and PlayStation 4.

Negative Xbox One Overwatch Players Will Be Muted

Blizzard is working to make Overwatch a better place, which means muting some bad players.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer DLC Releasing Soon

Comrades marks the beginning of Final Fantasy XV multiplayer this Halloween.

Steam Changes Review System to Combat Review Bombs

Steam reviews have changed slightly to combat and point out instances of review bombing.

Xbox Lead Phil Spencer Promoted

Phil Spencer is now part of Microsoft's executive leadership.

Nintendo Community Cracks Switch Golf Mystery

The Nintendo community has finally figured out how to unlock the Switch's hidden NES Golf game, but you may have to wait some time to play!

Latest Rainbow Six: Siege Update Crashing PS4s

The latest Rainbow Six: Siege patch is breaking things when PlayStation 4 owners download the update, then look at their friends lists.

Robonauts - Launch Trailer

Today, Robonauts invites you to feel this thrill of classic arcade shooting fun on your PS4, alone or with a friend! This arcade machine really exists in QubicGames' studio. Players can try it out in some gaming events where it's brought.

Why Are Sony's Press Conferences so Bad?

Sony has flubbed its 2017 E3 and Tokyo Game Show presentations. What's going on and can the problems with both presentations be fixed?

Are Developers Just Copying Each Other Now?

The video game industry constantly copies ideas. That needs to stop! Be more original!

Why Companies Can’t Hide From Gamers

It has taken five months for Microsoft to admit the Windows Creator's Update causes trouble for gamers. This is absolutely inexcusable.

10 Nazi-Killin’ Reasons to Play the New Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is going to be huge! This game has so much potential. Why? Here are ten reasons it will rock!

Gal*Gun 2 Announced Ahead of the 2017 Tokyo Game Show

Gal*Gun 2 is coming to the PlayStation and Switch this year.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite DLC Roster Announced

Capcom has announced all six DLC characters coming this year to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Monster Hunter: World Arrives January 26, 2018

Monster Hunter: World has a release date and a featured monster, Nerugigante.

Call of Duty: WWII - Story Trailer

Call of Duty®: WWII tells the story of Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, a young recruit in the U.S. First Infantry Division who experiences combat for the first time on D-Day, one of the largest amphibious assaults in history.

Forza Motorsport 7 - Launch Trailer

Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit. Enjoy gorgeous graphics at 60fps and true 4K resolution in HDR.

Fortnite Cross-Play Was an Error

Cross-play with Sony consoles is clearly possible if Fortnite did it accidentally.

Dragon's Crown Pro Releasing on PlayStation 4 in January

Cross-play between PS3, Vita, and PS4 will be possible with Dragon's Crown Pro.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming Early 2018

Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a new character and State Combo system when it comes out in early 2018.

Sonic Forces Will Have Playable Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic Forces will now include a free playable Shadow, thanks to the Episode Shadow add-on!

Is 2017 the Year of the Heroine?

2017 has been a great year for video games. But not just any games, ones where well-developed and strong heroines are constantly stealing the show. Could this be the best year for women in games ever?

How Mario’s Nipples Broke the Internet

The only man whose nipples could cause such a storm is certainly Mario. Is Nintendo trying to be more daring?