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  • Check out our exclusive interview with the ROCCAT eSports team and get an inside look at sharing a penthouse, language barriers and what gaming for a living is really like.

  • Quantic Dream has come under fire for alleged behaviors at the studio and use of stereotypes and sensitive subjects in its games. Does Detroit: Become Human start to make an attempt to do better and tell a story that offers actual choices and more tactful approaches to tough topics?

  • We are living in a period where some don't have huge entertainment budgets. After paying bills, there may only be a few dollars left of "fun" money. Does that mean we have to start thinking differently regarding how we spend our gaming dollars?

  • A new Superman/Rocksteady project might be in the works. But Superman games have a terrible legacy in the world of gaming. What would a new title in the future need to make it work?

  • Treyarch's Brittany Pirello, Miles Leslie, and Tony Flame took time to talk about the finer points of Black Ops 4's multiplayer mode during our interview from the big live-event reveal we attended last week.

Madden NFL 19 Coming in August 2018

Madden 19 has been bumped up to a Summer 2018 release, and Terrell Owens is on at least one of the covers.

Apple Rejects Valve’s Steam Link iOS App

Steam Link isn't happening on iOS, after Apple rejected it twice.

School Shooting Game Appears on Steam, Controversy Ensues

A school shooting SWAT simulator has been listed for release on Steam, because of course it was.

EA Confirms Battlefield V Has a Premium Currency

Battlefield V will definitely have a premium currency used for cosmetic items.

Far Cry 5 Expansion Will Release on June 5, 2018

It's looking like the Far Cry 5 expansions will be a far cry from the normal game, starting with one set in Vietnam next month.

Kids on YouTube Stealing Parent's Money for Fortnite V-Bucks

Please, kids, don't steal money from your parents. Please, parents, ground your kids if they steal money from you.

Dark Souls Remastered Hacker Hacks Early Steam Release

This Dark Souls: Remastered hacker can mess up a player's character so bad, they're better off just restarting.

Fortnite Accidentally Updated with New Backpack

A new Fortnite backpack that tracks the location of a storm was maybe never meant for player eyes.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - Alpha Retrospective

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is coming on May 29 and contains 12 iconic titles in the series that each have their place in Street Fighter history!

Why You Might Be a Game Glitch Snob

Glitches are just a part of gaming. Why can't gamers all agree to accept that?

Is This Perverted Classic Too Titillating for 2018?

Leisure Suit Larry is a franchise many want to leave in the past. But maybe it's great that Larry Laffer is here to stay?

Trolling 101: Top Annoying Ways to Grief in Games

Want to have some fun as a griefer? Check out these five ways to troll people in games!

Let's Talk Sex, Politics and Detroit: Become Human

In many ways, Detroit: Become Human is a good game! But, it is also an incredibly tone-deaf one that has issues with its political and sexual storylines.

CheatCC’s Exclusive Interview with the ROCCAT eSports Team

Check out our exclusive interview with the ROCCAT eSports team and find out what gaming for a living is really like.

PUBG Introduces Stealthy New Game Mode

Ghillie Crossing uses ghillie suits and crossbows to change the game's pacing.

First Free Sea of Thieves Expansion Detailed

The Hungering Deep DLC will feature a character driven campaign, among other things.

Dark Souls Remastered Unlocks Early on Steam

Dark Souls fans can play the new remaster on Steam a whole day early!

Death Stranding Might Involve Player Collaboration

Mads Mikkelsen had something interesting to say about the "whole concept" of Kojima's new game, dealing with how people connect.

H1Z1 Launches on Consoles with 1.5 Million Players

H1Z1's PS4 debut has gone well, reaching over 1.5 million players.

Free Tekken 7 DLC Announced to Celebrate Anniversary

A ton of new customization content is coming to Tekken this month, and it is all for free!

Battlefield V Officially Unveiled

Battlefield V is set in WWII and launches on October 19, 2018.

New Nintendo Trademark Could Mean N64 Classic

After the success of the NES Classic and the SNES Classic, an N64 Classic would only make sense.

What We Learned from the Battlefield V Reveal

Battlefield V's teaser trailer was exceptionally short. Can people actually take away important information from it? Actually, yes!

Battlefield V - Official Reveal Trailer

Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2.