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Is the Xbox One Too Big? Its Designer Says No.

Heat and power issues sighted as reasons why the console is so large.

Celebrate Family with PlayStation’s Co-op Sale!

Sony gives everyone a reason to crowd around their PlayStations this holiday!

Retro Star Wars Skins Come to Minecraft

Content exclusive to the Xbox, retails for $2.99

James Cameron is REALLY Excited About Avatar Sequels

Says films are “…gonna be bitchin” when they finally hit theaters!

Alienware's Own Steam Machine is Now Available

After a long period of time since we last reported on the Steam Machine and its various varieties thereof, PC hardware brand Alienware have finally released their own Steam Machine ahead of Valve’s official Steam Machine.

Activision Reportedly Taking Down Advanced Warfare Glitch Videos

It’s been reported that Activision is taking down certain Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare videos from YouTube for containing particular glitches. As a result, some YouTubers have had their offending videos copyright striked.

Dark Souls II Re-release, “Scholar of the First Sin” Launching in Early-2015

This updated version of the game will be launching for all platforms next year, and it’ll be accompanied by platform-wide patch for existing versions of the game, which will improve balancing and matchmaking, and include an expanded story, too.

Someone Recreated Daenerys Targaryen in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Posting up a gallery of screenshots last week, Imgur user Kill3rew0k takes you through step-by-step on how you can also play as Daenerys Targaryen during your playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Best Holiday Gifts of 2014

Before you waste your money on neck ties and horrid ink pen sets, peruse our top 20 list regarding the best the world of tech/geek has to offer.

Communication Is Important in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer can be great, but only if we all have the right equipment.

Don't be Disillusioned by Amiibo Rarity

Don't shell out lots of money for the Marth Amiibo. An NFC figure's rarity never lasts.

Mewtwo Might Not Be DLC In Smash Bros.

Who knows what Nintendo is planning for the future? Their statements conflict with each other.

New Star Wars Trailer Coming to Select Theaters Friday

A small 1 and ½ minute teaser set to run all weekend long!

Head of 343 Industries Apologizes for Master Chief Woes

An upcoming content update looks to correct matchmaking issues once and for all.

Major Nelson Wants to Send YOU to the 2014 Video Game Awards!

Be one of the first 100 through the door of the Vegas Microsoft Store to win big!

PlayStation Games That Will Brighten Your Turkey Day!

These titles will have you dropping your drum sticks and grabbing your DualShocks in no time!

Super Smash Bros. Breaks Wii U Sales Records

Nintendo says it has surprises in store for this holiday season.

Fire at Nintendo Repair Warehouse Effects Repair Orders

Anyone whose product was lost will be getting a free replacement.

Gearbox isn't Writing Tales from the Borderlands' Dialogue: "Telltale’s just better at that"

Telltale was given the task of writing the series’ dialogue, because Gearbox believed that The Walking Dead developer was just better at it.

Tales from the Borderlands Releases Today

Return to Pandora and BLOW THINGS UP!!!

Kickstarter Removes Game That Draws Real Blood

No reason given for it's suspension.

GTA V's First Cell Phone Cheat Discovered on PS4 / Xbox One

It’s been a week since Grand Theft Auto finally made its way onto current-gen consoles after just over a year of waiting, and already the first cell phone cheat has been discovered for the game.

PayPal Allegedly Lets Slip on Upcoming Steam Autumn Sale

According to a supposedly accidently leak on behalf of PayPal, Steam will soon be tempting you to empty your wallets again, because the digital distribution client’s Autumn sale is reportedly starting tomorrow on Wednesday, November 26.

Telltale Releases Mac / PC Specs for Game of Thrones

With its impending release day, Telltale’s Game of Thrones has appeared on Steam, and along with it comes included the minimum specs for both PC and Mac users.