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CCC @ E3 2008
EA Press Conference

E3 2008 - Electronic Arts Keynote Presentation

July 14, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - Electronic Arts made an impressive showing at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles Monday. CEO John Riccitello and his army of development teams demonstrated many of the most important games coming from the publishing giant over the next year.

Other than The Sims 3 (more on that later), The Sims franchise is further branching out to include our furry forest friends. SimAnimals is a casual title that will allow players to control expansive environments in order to shepherd the lives of various woodland creatures. It looks like it too will be an intriguing title for youngsters and fans of games like Viva Pińata and Pokémon.

E3 2008 - Electronic Arts Press Conference

Industry luminaries Will Wright and Peter Moore made two of the best presentations. Spore, the game that challenges players to create the universe their way, has already surpassed their wildest expectations. Will Wright sees Spore as a mixture of creativity and science that should be engaging to gamrs of all walks. Nearly 2 million creatures have already been created by the Spore community, and by the time the full game comes out on September 7th, there will be a thriving community with which to play.


EA SPORTS demonstrated NBA LIVE 09 with Bill Walton in tow. The new game will utilize Dynamic DNA updates to keep the game fresh and make it more realistic than ever. Dynamic DNA is simply a collection of real life statistics and data that will be downloaded to your console every day. These updates track player and team tendencies to give gamers the most in-depth and realistic b-ball title to date. It looks like basketball is finally getting the same kind of treatment the two footballs have always had.

Other amazing titles presented at the conference included The Sims 3, Dead Space, and Mirror's Edge. All three are truly "A" games that will likely revolutionize their respective genres. The Sims 3 brings the The Sims out of the house and into the neighborhood. Actions and happenings throughout the town will affect the way in which your characters live and play!

E3 2008 - Electronic Arts Press Conference

Dead Space looks far better than anything we had previously conceived of. The graphics are absolutely stellar and the environments and film-like timing will scare your pants off. The over-the-shoulder, third-person view has no HUD, but organically accessing your inventory via a visor projection and the health meter located on the characters back are clever ways of providing gamers the information they need without muddling the cinematic visuals. Lopping off limbs and hacking at heads will be an absolute delight in Dead Space.

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