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E3 2008 - Electronic Arts: Company Tour and Updates article

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E3 2008 - Electronic Arts Press Conference



On Tuesday morning, CheatCC had an appointment to check out EA's massive E3 showcase. Their room was filled with LCD screens, gaming consoles, and PCs running some of their most anticipated games. Oh! And peoplelots of people!

First, they had a counter with a few DS systems, showing titles like Skate It, MySims Kingdom, Spore Creatures, etc.

We got to try the later one, Spore Creatures, and were surprised by the simplicity of the portable game. As an evolving creature, the tutorial will lead you through a few steps or tasks you'll have to complete in order to advance and unlock new body parts and abilities. The character creator is not quite as intuitive as it is on PC, but it is very in-depth, which is good. You can drag and drop parts into the creature you're building with the stylus, and just like on the computer version, you can rotate these parts and move them as you please (more or less). The creatures look three-dimensional from the front, but they turn into mere paper cutouts when you flip them around and see their profile. The way they walk is really funny, as they wobble through the levels like a chicken with the head cut off.

E3 2008 - Electronic Arts

As we got deeper into the EA showcase room, we found the PC version of Spore, Dead Space, MySims Kingdom for Wii, MySims for PC, the All-Play sports titles, Facebreaker, Skate It, the new IPhone games line-up, and a few other casual games.

We stopped and checked out MySims for PC, curious to see what has changed from the Wii version, published in September of last year. The biggest draw for PC gamers will be the online capabilities of the game. While MySims remains the same in almost every other way, players will be able to interact with others and share objects, play tag, go fishing, and much more. Much like in other social games for all ages, players must share their nicknames and create a friend roster in order to play together. That way kids won't be at risk of interacting with weird people they don't even know.

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