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E3 2008 - Electronic Arts: Company Tour and Updates article

The IPhone games also got our attention, especially when we saw a cool Spore creature as we walked by that section. Surprisingly, Spore for IPhone is more like a version of a fairly popular game called flOw (look for our review if you're not familiar with that game). You will get to unlock new parts to customize your creature, and you can still choose different colors and textures for it, but the gameplay has nothing to do with the Civilization-style concept the PC version has. In this case, you'll just navigate the creature by tilting and rotating the Iphone (or Ipod Touch) in different ways, trying to feed it smaller creatures that are floating around and avoiding the big ones, which are rather dangerous. When your creature has eaten enough food to fill up the bar, you'll be launched to the next level. It is a very addictive game lots of people will enjoy, but it will be a very small "appetizer" for those who want to play the full PC version. Other Iphone games made by EA like Tetris, Sudoku, and Scrabble nicely demonstrate how dazzling, slick, and fun Iphone games can be. It's definitely a market that will see a lot of growth in the next few months.


As time was limited, we didn't get to try every game that was in the room, but we did check out and experience part of the All-Play line-up for Nintendo Wii, which is actually very fun and exciting, especially for families and the casual gamer. This time around, Madden NFL 09 allows you to select the All-Play simplified controls and menus, which make the game very intuitive and easy to play for everyone. If you prefer a deeper experience, however, all the choices from last year are there and more. The graphics look as slick as they can on the Wii, and the controls are tight.

E3 2008 - Electronic Arts

Finally, we got our hands on Spore. Yes! The game millions of gamers are waiting for! We can't say much that hasn't already been said, but we can tell you it's shaping up to be a very deep (and time-consuming) experience, with lots of customizing choices for those who love Sims-style gameplay, and an engaging RTS / strategy experience for Command & Conquer, Civilization buffs, and the likes.

Check out our previews to find out more about these titles and others!

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