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E3 2008 - Konami: Company Tour and Updates article

Konami's line-up is hot this year! Games like Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero, DDR Hottest Party 2, DDR Revolution Universe 3, DDR X, Metal Gear Online, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Time Hollow, and Rock Revolution are just a few. Read about Konami's press conference, the games we saw at Konami's E3 booth, and keep your eyes open for updates and previews in the following weeks!

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E3 2008 - Konami Press Conference



After attending Konami's press conference we got the chance to visit Konami's booth to get some hands-on time with the games we just heard about, as well as many we didn't. In fact, we were surprised to see just how much they had held back. The former king of the peripheral music game genre was clearly a bit raw about being surpassed by the likes of Guitar Hero, just as they were poised to break into the real casual mainstream.

There were three different Dance Dance Revolution games at the show, garnering surprisingly little attention from attendees. The premiere title was, of course, DDR Universe 3, the latest in their current-gen series. Beside it was the Wii entry, DDR Hottest Party, which sported a less that tasteful doe-eyed art style that reminded us of Bratz dolls. We have to question if this kind of thing is really necessary to sell a game on the Wii of Konami is simply underestimating their audience. The final title was Dance Dance Revolution X, which we were disappointed to learn it did not involve dancing while shooting CDs at Aerosmith. Instead, it was a new PS2 game marking the 10th anniversary of the series.

E3 2008 - Konami

Rock Revolution is a more frontal assault on Guitar Hero and Rock Band and, while it seems to be shaping up to be quite playable, it isn't pushing the genre forward. In fact, it requires the use of Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitars to play, and as of this writing there are no plans for an original Konami guitar. The singing component has also been dropped, leaving the drums as the star of the show. The drum set was at least very nice, ambidextrous, well organized, and with a solid feel. There is definite potential in Rock Revolution, but it seems like Konami is resigned to lose the battle by requiring their customers to buy competing products in order to play it.

E3 2008 - Konami

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