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E3 2008 - Majesco: Company Tour and Updates article


Majesco's presence at E3 was unassuming. Nestled in the far back of the main show floor, their two kiosks with five screens total could hardly even be called a booth. Still, the New Jersey-based developer that had been in such financial trouble not long ago looked to be on the comeback trail with a modest but respectable line-up out in the open for all to walk up and play.


The first title we saw was a Wii game called Our House, described by the Majesco rep as "Cooking Mama with construction." We don't know if the description is apt beyond the most basic level, as Our House seems to be a much more multiplayer focused experience. In fact, this was a strictly 4-player title, where absent humans would be controlled by A.I. There's a great deal of variety, and the finished game is reported to boast 100 different mini-games, each lasting just a couple minutes. There's definite potential as a party game, but it's clear that Our House has limited solo appeal. Interestingly enough, Majesco told us the DS companion game by the same name (not shown at E3) would be primarily single-player.

E3 2008 - Majesco

We took a quick look at Zoo Hospital, a thoroughly adorable surgery game for animal lovers, reminiscent of Trauma Center. But, we were more interested to check out the latest from Hironobu Sakaguchi's studio Mistwalker. Away: Shuffle Dungeon looks like one of the more creative takes at the action RPG genre in recent memory. While the blocky models conjured up bad memories of the original PlayStation's launch lineup, the 2D dungeons piqued our interest. The top and bottom screens connect as a single maze on screen, and after a few seconds, either the top or the bottom screen will be "shuffled." Players will have to work their way back and forth to avoid being caught in the shuffle and to snag items and reach exits in time. It remains to be seen if this hook will be able carry the game through its 35 dungeon quest, but we're happy to at least see Mistwalker and AQ Interactive thinking outside of the usual formula.

E3 2008 - Majesco

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