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E3 2008 - Nintendo: Company Tour and Updates article

Don't miss the action. Find out what went down at the Nintendo Media Briefing in our Play-by-Play!

E3 2008 - Nintendo Press Conference


After some interesting announcements at the Press Conference the other day, CheatCC couldn't wait to see what games where playable at E3. Nintendo welcomed us into their showcase room and we got to play WiiMusic, Wii Sports Resort, and Animal Crossing: City Folk amongst others. Unfortunately, time was limited so we missed the chance to play other games that were available. Sorry, Wario... next time!


Wii Music follows a great concept. With very intuitive controls, the game tries to involve everyone into a fun musical experience. No matter how young or old you are, no one should have a problem playing it, as it's mostly based on improvisation. Up to four players will select an instrument out of dozens of them that are available. Doing the adequate motion (with Wii-mote and/or Nunchuk) for that specific instrument, players will then try to follow the rhythm and participate in creating the chosen melody (Super Mario Bros. and Twinkle, Twinkle were some of the songs we played). Music comes out of everyone's instruments, so they all feel like they're performing. Conversely, it didn't feel like a very in-depth experience, so it's up to the player's creativity to make this one work.

E3 2008 - Nintendo

Wii Sports Resort is a new installment in the Wii Sports franchise. While lots of people were expecting new but typical sports like basketball, others thought the next Wii Sports would be a polished remake of the first one - with better controls, updated graphics, etc. But we were all wrong! Wii Sports resort takes you to the beach and has you playing Frisbee, fencing, and jet skiing, amongst others. The Wii Motion Plus attachment that attaches to the bottom of the Wii remote makes the controls much more accurate, being able to detect your wrist motions and providing a more precise output in general.

E3 2008 - Nintendo

The last game we tried was Animal Crossing: City Folk. We sat down and experienced the WiiSpeak peripheral firsthand. Voice chat was just meant to happen - we just wish it had happened before and games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. were compatible with it! WiiSpeak is simply a microphone that sits on top of the sensor bar, picking up your voice and sending it to the other person that's playing with you. Animal Crossing: City Folk is not very different from Wild World or even the GameCube version. The biggest new feature is the ability to take the bus and go to the city (much like the Sims do). Here you can go into some stores, enter auctions, visit the Happy Room Academy, get a haircut at Harriet's, or get your Mii face on the character Other than that, the game plays exactly the same as the others (no motion controls have been incorporated, unfortunately). The game features hundreds of new objects, which will be a big plus for the fans.

E3 2008 - Nintendo: Company Tour and Updates article

That was it for Nintendo games! We wish we had had more time with their other titles, but I guess we'll get to play the rest soon enough.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

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