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E3 2008 - Nyko Technologies: Company Tour and Updates article


We checked out the Nyko booth at E3 2008 and were treated to a tour of the peripherals and "gaming solutions" on display. Many of the items, like the Perfect Shot Wii Remote gun adapter, the Frontman guitar adapter for Sony consoles, and the various ChargeStation chargers and Xbox 360 compatible batteries have been on the market for some time. Consequently, most gamers will be familiar with them. However, we also got to take a look at three special product lines that looked very handy indeed!


The Kama wireless controller for Wii is the ultimate wireless Nunchuk solution. Seriously, it looks and feels great! Plus, the Kama supposedly runs for 30 hours on just two AAA batteries and has range of over three meters. Unfortunately, we didn't get to test this product on our own, but we did get to feel its ergonomic design and extremely light weight at the booth. In fact, this controller feels and looks so good, Nintendo wished they had designed it. Interestingly, the Kama is difficult to find because Nintendo has filed a suit against Nyko because it functions and appears so similar to the first-party product (minus the bothersome cord, of course). The good folks at Nyko assure us that things are getting resolved. Meanwhile, look for limited supplies of Kama at Wal-Mart and a few online retailers.

E3 2008 - Nyko Technologies

The Intercooler TS for PS3 and Xbox 360 is the new line of cooling solutions from Nyko. The old Intercooler EX products did a good job of keeping hardworking consoles cool by venting out the hot air rather than just blowing in dust. However, there were a few issues that came up while gamers put them to use. The new TS series addresses these issues by providing for instant click-on installation of the device as well as adding an AC adaptor. The AC adaptor allows you to leave your Intercooler TS on even though your console (PS3 or 360) has been turned off. Additionally, the Intercooler TS has a new temperature control system that allows you to adjust fan speed (PS3 only) and will automatically turn on and off when the sensor detects elevated and normal temperatures, respectively.

E3 2008 - Nyko Technologies

Finally, Nyko's new Media Hub for PS3 was on display. It provides your PlayStation with three additional USBs and a flash media slot. Early adopters of the discounted 20 GB PS3 will be happy to know that this hub will ship this August for just $19.99, essentially upgrading your rig for a measly Jackson. Also, Rock Band fans will be ecstatic with the ease of plugging in their music controllers to the front of their console.

E3 2008 - Nyko Technologies

Before E3 2008, Cheat Code Central was sent a host of accessories from Nyko for each of the current generation consoles. We tooled around with these goods for quite awhile now and have reviewed them. The best part of it all is that they sent us a matching set of most of these products you can win through an exclusive CheatCC contest! Check out the mini-reviews and enter the contest before it's late!

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Editor / News Director

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