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E3 2008 - SEGA: Company Tour and Updates article


During E3, we paid a visit to SEGA and checked out some of their upcoming games. None of them were actually playable, but we still enjoyed their interesting presentations and can't wait to get our hands on some of those games.


Without doubt, people were most interested in Sonic Unleashed. Even though the last Sonic games have been less than successful, SEGA has embarked in yet another project involving the blue hedgehog, hoping to finally please the nostalgic masses. This new outing sports beautiful 3D environments from around the world. However, the gameplay has been designed to provide the linear, side-scrolling style people have been asking for. The game looks gorgeous and could easily be the one to finally satisfy everyone. The night and day gameplay distinction also sounds very interesting. During the day, Sonic will advanced through the levels in a classic fast pace. At night, however, he'll turn into a Werehog (ask Dr. Eggman what he did!). Don't miss our upcoming preview, where we tell you all about it.

E3 2008 - SEGA

Following the Sonic Demo, we saw Alpha Protocol in action. The game is about a Jason Bourne kind of agent who's making his way into a new kind of "business." Though it involves a lot of action, Alpha Protocol features an RPG-style gameplay that fans of Mass Effect and similar titles should enjoy. The preview will tell you more, but so far the game looks like fun!

E3 2008 - SEGA

The next room had a couple of newly-announced games. The first one, Bayonetta, is a very Japanese Xbox 360 and PS3 game about a witch with special abilities. She's very stylish and will kick the enemies' butts by performing cool acrobatics and shooting. Her hair is also a crazy weapon that turns into monsters, so beware... Bayonetta is not a softy! If you want to find out more about her and her slick-looking guns, you'll have to wait for our preview.

Up next was the Wii game that has everyone open-mouthed: Mad World. Sure, at first glance the main character looks like Marcus Fenix (Gears of War), but the game's got nothing to do with it. Games like Killer 7 and No More Heroes are perhaps the closest example, but nothing compares to the mostly black and white look of this graphic novel-style game. The deep red blood really stands out on the screen, as the character finds the craziest ways to "finish up" his enemies. Preview is coming soon as well!

E3 2008 - SEGA

After all these demos, we're definitely excited to see how everything shapes out for SEGA. Their line-up was quite impressive, which is a good thing.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

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