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E3 2008 - Square Enix: Company Tour and Updates article


Square Enix had just a few games on display at E3 and none of them were Final Fantasy XIII. In fact, the only Final Fantasy game present was FFIV, which will be available for all next week! Here's a peak at the few other Square Enix RPG goodies on display at E3.


CHRONO TRIGGER was presented via a lengthy compilation trailer. Admittedly, the game still looks a little crude and dated, but gameplay should please most.

E3 2008 - Square Enix

Final Fantasy IV and Dragon Quest IV, on the other hand, have gotten nice upgrades and were available to play in the demo booth. These Japanese RPGs are coming to Nintendo DS and should make fans of the respective series quite happy indeed. Unfortunately, we noticed that the touch screen is not taken advantage of in either of the titles, but the use of the dual screens will make combat encounters very easy to negotiate. We'll have a full review of FFIV and a preview of DQ4 very soon.

E3 2008 - Square Enix

Infinite Undiscovery for the 360 was also playable, and the game shined. The story centers on the moon and the powerful gifts it bestows upon the people of the planet. Consequently, nearly everyone has some kind of power from the moon except for a few unfortunate souls known as the Unblessed. The story in Infinite Undiscovery follows a young hero that was born Unblessed and his struggle against a maniacal power that has captured the moon for itself, while denying the rest of the inhabitants their right to be blessed by the moon. The combat allows players to take advantage of a party made up of members with various blessings. The control scheme is developed in such a way that issuing commands to both individual and paired party members can be done almost instantly. The use of specific mundane and magical items along with a host of talents and blessings make each party member crucial to your advancement.

E3 2008 - Square Enix

That was it for Square Enix. We've got a feeling that the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be far more informative. Nevertheless, the announcement that FFXIII is making its way to 360 was a big enough nugget of news to keep us occupied till TGS in mid-October.

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Editor / News Director

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