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E3 2008 - THQ: Company Tour and Updates article

Just when you thought you had enough wrestling with SmackDown vs. Raw, THQ and Yuke will be putting together a title that is a nod to the glory days of wrestling. Legends of Wrestlemania will bring together your favorite stars from bygone eras of wrestling as a tribute to the sport. As technically complex as SmackDown is, Legends of Wrestling will be a more casual experience. Bringing together all these legends should bring wrestling fans out of the woodwork, as such, the control schemes will be simplified for greater appeal to a larger audience. As of yet, there are no confirmations of playable characters, but it is promised to be quite an attractive list.


Deadly Creatures, the game that thrusts you into the role of a scorpion and a tarantula, is a Wii title that many have had their eyes on for quite some time. The combination of motion controls and the unique storyline are utterly intriguing. The E3 demo included two boss fights: one against a gila monster and the other against a rattler. The developers at Rainbow Studios seem to have done a great job of making players feel both mighty and tiny depending upon the foes you encounter. For example, taking care of crickets and spiders is not too daunting, but dodging attacks from a raging venomous snake more than ten times your size is worrisome indeed. Hopefully, the Wii motion controls won't slow down this excellent concept.

Darksiders: Wrath of War follows the exploits of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. War has been framed for starting the apocalypse too early and has lost all his powers except for his battle prowess. The game will begin on a desolate earth inhabited by angels and demons intent on your destruction. Throughout the game, you will clear through lengthy dungeons, solve puzzles, and regain your lost abilities. The title is a third-person dungeon crawler that should have fans of games like God of War and Ninja Gaiden quite interested.

E3 2008 - THQ

Finally, we got an extensive look at Red Faction: Guerilla. This time around, Mars is completely terra formed and players will take on the role of Alec Mason, a simple miner. Unfortunately, Mason finds himself robbed of both his property and his brother, when the evil EDF decides to assert their authority into his life. This sets the stage for Mason to join the revolution and hamper the EDF's ability to control Mars. The game takes advantage of a persistent damage mechanic that will have lasting consequences on gameplay and level design. For example, taking down structures such as bridges may be great idea for taking out the EDF in the short-term, but this may come back to bite you when you can no longer get to the other side. In total, there will be 22 "meta-level" missions and a ton of side missions. Red Faction: Guerilla will also have extensive multiplayer options that also take advantage of the persistent damage mechanic. Look for it to come to PS3 and 360 in Q1 2009.

E3 2008 - THQ

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Editor / News Director

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