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Who's In and Who's Out of E3?

Who's In and Who's Out of E3? article

By Amanda L. Kondolojy



Microsoft is sure to have some big things to say at its press conference this year, especially with all the exclusives coming out. Titles like Viva Piņata 2, Gears of War 2, and Forza Motorsport 3 are sure to make a splash.


Sure, This is Vegas may have been delayed for another year, but that doesn't mean Midway will be sitting out of E3. With titles like The Wheelman and TNA: Impact still slated for an on-time release later this year, there will be plenty of sights to see at Midway's E3 showing!

Who's In and Who's Out of E3? article


MTV games will be pulling the curtain back on the follow up to last year's blockbuster music title, Rock Band. Although several sources have purportedly gotten their hands on parts of the new set list, not much else is known.


Last year Namco Bandai's event at E3 was cancelled, so hopefully this year we will see some interesting announcements as well as some news regarding upcoming titles like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Warhammer: Battle March.

Who's In and Who's Out of E3? article


Best known for the blockbuster Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series, Natsume will probably show the two upcoming Harvest Moon titles: Tree of Tranquility for the Wii and Island of Happiness for the Nintendo DS.


Although Nintendo has been fiercely mum about their plans for this year's E3, many are speculating (and hoping) that this will be the year that Animal Crossing Wii will finally be unveiled! Throw in the first title of the next Metroid series and a new Kid Icarus and Nintendo could steal the show!

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