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Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

By Adam Brown

Killzone 2
Dev: Guerrilla | Pub: SCEA (SONY)
Systems: PS3 | Release Date: February 2009

After the impressive showing at last year's E3, it isn't hard to see why people want to get their hands on this title. Although the series is no longer being touted as Sony's Halo-killer, Killzone 2 appears like it will make its own lasting impression on gamers when it gets released this February. With some of the best graphics seen on any of the now current-generation consoles, Killzone 2 is sure to help fuel the fire of many fanboy arguments about which console is king in the near future.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

Madden NFL 09
Dev: EA Tiburon | Pub: Electronic Arts
Systems: X360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS | Release Date: 8/12/08

Every year Madden continues to excite just about every gamer on the planet. Even if you are not a fan of the games themselves, the release date for Madden always signals the beginning of gaming's typically overloaded holiday season. That aside, Madden's historic twentieth season looks to be one of its best. With the inclusion of online leagues, a backtracking feature that helps teach you to play better, greatly improved animations, controls, and balancing, Madden 09 should continue to keep this longtime franchise feeling fresh.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

Prince of Persia
Dev: Ubisoft Montreal | Pub: Ubisoft
Systems: X360, PS3, PC, DS | Release Date: Q4 2008

Using the same engine as the visually stunning Assassin's Creed, the prince is sure to wow many gamers in his first outing on the current-generation consoles. That is, at least once he actually becomes a prince. The story is a departure from the Sands of Time trilogy, starting you off as a different character who must actually earn the title of prince. With impressive graphics, a new story, new characters, and the heavily acrobatic gameplay that made us love the series, Prince of Persia should elate fans when it eventually gets released.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

Resident Evil 5
Dev: Capcom | Pub: Capcom
Systems: X360, PS3 | Release Date: TBA

With the recent race issues that have surrounded this upcoming title, it has been easy for gamers to lose sight of the actual game itself. Resident Evil 5 (RE5) is the first current-generation console follow up to the revolutionary RE4. Chris Redfield returns to action with a partner that is as deadly as she is beautiful. Together, they will battle zombies (or zombie-like creatures) in Africa. While not much is known about the story, Chris will supposedly discover the true origins of the progenitor virus, first seen in RE: Code Veronica. The RE series has been around for a long time now and looks like it will continue to delight survival horror fans for years to come with continually improving titles.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008 article

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