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CCC @ E3 2008

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

By Maria Montoro & Amanda Kondolojy

Portal: Still Alive
Developed by: Valve
Release: TBA 2008

One of the most exciting announcements from Microsoft's press conference was the announcement of Portal: Still Alive. It is important to note that this is not the much anticipated Portal 2, but is instead a LIVE Arcade release of the original title that will have a few extra levels and a new challenge mode. This title will probably be a must-buy for enthusiastic portal fans and will give anyone who hasn't played it yet a great vehicle to do so.

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

Uno Rush
Developed by: Carbonated Games
Release: Q3 2008

Uno Rush is going to be a variation on the classic LIVE Arcade title and will feature the same card-based gameplay, but with some major improvements. One of the most notable upgrades for Uno Rush will be the implementation of the new Xbox avatars.


The game will also feature camera support as well as alternate rule options. But most interestingly, Uno Rush will be part of Xbox LIVE's new Primetime service, which will let players compete for real prizes. Of course, details on the Primetime service are just emerging, but hopefully we'll here more on this soon!

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

Galaga Legions
Developed by: Namco Bandai
Release: TBA 2008

This follow-up to the classic, arcade space shooter looks to take the vintage feel of this beloved game and give it a more modern bent. It is being developed by the same team who delivered the ultra-popular Pac-Man Championship Edition, so hopefully die-hard Galaga fans will rest easy with the knowledge their favorite arcade title is in very capable hands.

The New Xbox 360 Experience article

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