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Booth Tours and Updates

E3 2009 - Warner Bros.: Company Tour and Updates


Warner Bros. definitely had a lot to show off at this year's E3, so they kept us busy during an early morning booth tour. The first game that they showed us was LEGO Rock Band. We were told how LEGO Rock Band would be different from the regular Rock Band games, and we were given a quick overview of the customization options that would be available for the game before going hands-on with it immediately afterwards with our own rendition of "The Final Countdown" on a LEGO-themed stage.


After spending some time with one of the most anticipated rhythm games of the coming year, we were able to spend some time with one of the most anticipated action games: Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game was set up inside a replica of Arkham Asylum, complete with full-size batmobile model out front. We were able to test drive both the story mode as well as one of the challenge rooms, and we were very impressed with both the depth of the combat as well as the strategic elements of the challenge rooms.

E3 2009 - Warner Bros.

We then went on to get some eyes-on impressions of the new family-centric Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest. We were able to watch the demo of a level from the Wii version and got a taste of what this casual action platformer will entail, including local multiplayer and co-op options. The game has a very cutesy look and features a guided navigation system to ensure that little kids who play it won't get lost.

After seeing a lot of console releases, we were shown the handheld section of the booth. We got some time in with the super-innovative Scribblenauts. The game's main mechanic involves writing words, which will trigger an in-game version of what you wrote in order to help you reach your goal. Naturally, we decided to use out hands-on time to "beat" Scribblenauts and find a word that wasn't in its extensive lexicon. But despite trying everything from flip-flops, to eel, to swimming pool, we couldn't think of anything that Scribblenauts couldn't produce on screen.

E3 2009 - Warner Bros.

We rounded out the booth tour by taking a brief look at Lego Battle as well as a few other licensed games, including the next downloadable Watchmen game and the new Scooby Doo adventure game on the Wii. Overall, it was a very productive booth tour, and getting some hands-on time with Batman: Arkham Asylum, Scribblenauts, and LEGO: Rock Band was definitely a lot of fun!

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Staff Contributor

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