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E3 2010 Xbox 360 Media Briefing

E3 2010 - Microsoft: Company Tour and Updates

Next up is Kinect Sports, which is demoed on stage. The title supports Xbox avatars and includes sports like soccer, bowling, table tennis, boxing, volleyball, hurdles, and more.

The next game is Joyride, which we saw and played last year. It seems to be in its final stages of development, and it looks like a blast to play with other Xbox friends. There are five different gameplay modes, including stunt mode, where you do things never seen in previous kart or racing titles.

Another game they show is Kinect Adventures!, which requires players to be active and use their body to participate in challenges and obstacle courses, Wipeout-style. While you play, it takes candid shots of the players to make a fool out of you.

Up next is a Ubisoft title that employs Kinect to get gamers in shape. No, it's not 360 Fit, it's called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, and it makes you the protagonist of the game, with realistic graphics and vibrant elements that add a touch of originality. The game will give you custom workout routines, access to yoga and martial arts classes, as well as a host of gym games.


Last but not least is a new Harmonix title called Dance Central. This dancing game will teach players dance moves through real choreography, plus it'll offer two-player battles. Alex Rigopulos, CEO and Co-Founder of Harmonix walks in to describe and demo the game's features with the help of Kasson Crooker, the project director. This game goes a lot further than Dance Dance Revolution, following your every move and scoring appropriately, so no doubt it'll be a hit!

Finally, Phil Spencer returns and promises a worldwide launch of Kinect by the holidays, starting with North America on November 4th. There'll be 15 launch titles, and the new motion-control system will be compatible with current Xbox 360s. He also mentions a partnership with LucasArts that will bring lightsabers and Star Wars to the Xbox 360, due this fall.

Dan Greenawalt and Bill Giese, Creative Director and Lead Designer of Turn 10 Studios announce yet another Forza title. Amazingly, the racing game is controlled with body movement as well, suppressing the need for a steering wheel peripheral. Mmm... perhaps grabbing an invisible wheel won't be all that fun, but that's where everyone's imagination comes in, I guess. This title won't be ready, however, until 2011, so we'll have to wait and see how it all works out.

Don Matrick returns to announce a new era for the Xbox 360 and gaming: the new Xbox 360, smaller, shiny, and with built-in Wi-Fi. Best of all, they describe it as "whisper quiet," which will be really nice. Priced just like the current Xbox 360, $299, it'll include 250GB, which is more than enough space for all your gaming needs. If you can believe it, the new console is shipping to stores today, being available later in the week.

This info, along with the announcement of free Xbox 360s for all attendees concludes the event. Crazy! Check back with us throughout the week, as we'll have more Microsoft coverage coming in, straight from the LACC.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

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