Best Role-Playing Game (RPG) Winner 2011

The greatly anticipated follow-up to Oblivion brings us once again to a Tamriel where all is not well. This time, though, it's not Oblivion Gates we must contend with; it's dragons. The northernmost province, Skyrim, provides a massive piece of land for players to explore on this dragon-killing adventure, filled to the brim with side stories, quirky NPCs, and dungeons galore.

Skyrim is simply everything a Western RPG should be, while providing a world so large that a hundred hours in it is probably not nearly enough time. This one might keep us busy right up until the launch of The Elder Scrolls VI.

Find out what all the fuss is about in both our console review and our PC review.

Skylander's Spyro's Adventure Box Art

This fun-for-all-ages RPG brings a unique twist: it includes toys you can collect in real life and interact with inside the game. What could have easily been written off as a cheap gimmick was executed incredibly well, putting Spyro figurines at the top of our holiday wish lists. You might pick this one up for the kids in your family, only to steal it back from them after the holidays are over. Trust us, it's a ton of fun.

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