Crysis 2
Crysis 2 box art
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Expected Release Date : March 22, 2011

Developer Crytek Studios is set to release their next project, Crysis 2, to the masses in early spring. Players will be dropped into New York City to battle an invading alien force. Aiding them in their fight will be the Nanosuit, a powered suit of armor that has different abilities (such as a stealth mode or shield mode) that will allow players to approach situations in the way they feel is best. Whether sneaking around or approaching the enemy guns blazing, the choice will be yours. Add in gorgeous visuals and a robust multiplayer experience that incorporates the same Nanosuit technology as the campaign, and Crysis 2 is set to be an exciting option for FPS fans.

Crysis 2 will be available for multiple platforms and is slated for release on March 22nd. Check out the full preview here!

Homefront box art
Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Expected Release Date : March 8, 2011

Homefront, the next first-person shooter from THQ and developer Kaos Studios, thrusts players into a future in which the United States has been invaded by North Korea. The year is 2027, and players must battle their way through suburbs and towns that are designed to look like those that we call home. As a member of the resistance, players will fight for their people in an effort to push the invaders out of their land and restore freedom. Traditional FPS mechanics are present and with an interesting story, the campaign looks to be solid.

Multiplayer is present, and whether online or locally will give players an alternative to the single-player campaign. Completing objectives or achieving certain goals in a multiplayer match will award the player with points, which can be used to purchase additional arms or items which could help turn the tide of a fight. This is a nice addition to the standard multiplayer format, and should make for some intriguing gameplay. Homefront will be available for purchase on March 8th for multiple platforms. Look here to read our full preview.