Best Downloadable Game Winner 2012

The Walking Dead made us wait between episodes, and there was something intriguing about that. There was always this holdover tension from one episode to the next, keeping us constantly searching the Internet for clues of the next release date. And when the last episode finally arrived, and we got so see all of the consequences of all of our actions, we were undeniably impressed and satisfied with how this little game was capable of making us feel.

Check out our review of Episode 5. (Spoiler alert: We gave it a perfect score.)

Journey Box Art

Journey is simply a beautiful game. Some people would be a little grumpy about its lack of objective-based gameplay or its tough-to-decipher storyline, but those are the elements we love most about it. In fact, we'd argue that Journey is simply an interactive experience that shouldn't be missed. Just trust us on this one.

And in the meantime, check out our full review.

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