Best Handheld Game Winner 2012

There’s something fascinating about being able to manipulate gravity, and Gravity Rush is one of the games that proves just how entertaining that concept can be. Using the PlayStation Vita’s motion and touch controls, you’ll help a girl named Kat explore a crazy world with a physics-altering cat. Perhaps you should just try it for yourself?

For a better explanation, check out our full review.

Sound Shapes Box Art
Sound Shapes

Those of us at Cheat Code Central who call ourselves musicians simply can’t get enough of Sound Shapes. Not only does it have us make pre-determined music by collecting various notes and things, but it allows us to make our own creations using the instruments we’ve collected through the course of the campaign. It’s sort of like LittleBigPlanet, only super simplified and completely based around music. And having Beck and Deadmau5 on the soundtrack certainly doesn’t hurt.

Check out our full review to find out more about why we couldn’t put this one down.

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