Best Independent Game Winner 2012

One of the best things about indie games is that they don't typically adhere to the same "rules" that their triple-A blockbuster counterparts do. Journey is definitely proof of this, as its outside-the-box gameplay style truly wowed us. In fact, we've been through this one multiple times now, and every time we play it, we seem to find something new to love about it.

Check out our full review for more about why we love this one so much.

Mark of the Ninja Box Art
Mark of the Ninja

Sure, there is a pretty good helping of 3D stealth games out there these days, but what if we apply stealth mechanics to a 2D platformer? This is a question that Mark of the Ninja answers with an enthusiastic "It will be awesome!" Made by the same people who brought us Shank, Mark of the Ninja is a title that truly surprised us this year.

The Other Nominees:
Dust: An Elysian Tail
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