Most Anticipated Game of 2013 Winner

Naughty Dog is a studio that constantly wows us. After delivering last year's Game of the Year (Uncharted 3), they've been working on a new IP called the Last of Us. This post-apocalyptic survival game has a fascinating premise, along with visuals we hardly thought possible for this console generation.

Cheat Code Central's Editor Josh Wirtanen explains why this is the zombie game he's been dreaming about ever since playing the first Resident Evil in this preview.

Grand Theft Auto V Box Art
Grand Theft Auto V

Let's be honest: You've probably visited Cheat Code Central at some point in the past to get codes for one of the many GTA titles. Well, Rockstar has a new one coming out next year, and you bet your criminal tendencies that we're excited for it. Yeah, we'll still be a good place to come for cheat codes when that one lands on store shelves.

Here are a bunch of the details we've managed to uncover so far.

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