Best Sound Winner 2012

The best thing about Journey's audio may be its subtlety. In fact, this is a game that plays around with silence in ways that make it truly amazing. Sure, it may not be the most obvious choice for our Best Audio category, but upon closer inspection, we hope you hear what we hear, and feel what we feel. Only then will you understand the sheer brilliance of its sound design.

Oh, and did we mention that the score has been nominated for a Grammy?

Check out our full review for more details.

Sound Shapes Box Art
Sound Shapes

A game that's entirely based around sound and rhythm cannot possibly succeed without some great sound design, and Sound Shapes brought us some incredible audio. With musical tracks that build as you collect icons scattered about the game's abstract world, and songs by Deadmau5 and Beck, this one simply sounds amazing.

Check out our full review for more about this off-the-wall little rhythm game.

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