Best PlayStation Game Winner 2014

There’s a TON of great choices which could have topped our list highlighting the cream of the crop on the PlayStation. However, Destiny easily walks (or perhaps runs) away with this win hands-down. Bungie has provided gamers a great new avenue into the world of “leveling” and MMO style play (which may introduce a whole new crop of players to the genre). The exclusive Sony content also doesn’t hurt either.

Check out our full review if you’re still not convinced.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Box Art

I just love those “…which path will you choose” scenarios, and inFAMOUS: Second Son does it immaculately. Recalling Fable, you'll fight your way through the game using special abilities and powers that can be upgraded along your journey. More importantly, the moral choices you make have direct impacts on whether you’ll ultimately become a Jedi or Sith in the end.

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