It's that time of the season again, where there's only one thing on people's minds. No I'm not talking about yuletide cheer or fond, heartfelt memories with friends and family. The day after Thanksgiving officially marks the race to the cash register in our attempts to stock up on presents and swag for our most beloved. Some folks may be a little easier to shop for than others, so allow us to help you decide by offering up a great selection of awesome gift ideas for your consideration. Here we're counting down this year's best of everything that's sure to please guys and gals of all ages come December 25th!

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Rookie Hunter Mode Is in the Mega Man X Legacy Collections

People who have always had trouble with Mega Man games' difficulty can turn to Rookie Hunter in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2.

Exclusive Pokemon Announced for Pokemon: Let's Go Games

Version exclusive Pokemon are a tradition, and we now know which characters will be in Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!

17 Years Later, User Discovers Silent Hill 2 Secrets

The PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2 has been hiding some bonus features.

Nathan Fillion Stars in Exceptional Uncharted Fan Film

Gamers wanted and imagined it, but did anyone ever think they'd actually see Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake?

Sonic Mania Plus - Launch Infomercial

Take a trip back to the 90’s to celebrate the highest rated Sonic game in 15 years with our latest infomercial! The definitive Sonic Mania experience launches with new characters, an all-new Encore Mode, and more on July 17th.

German Court Bans Vague Dates in Marketing

Pre-order language could start changing in other countries as a result of a ruling in Germany.

Does Google Stand a Chance in Gaming?

It's a hard game to break into, but Google is no underdog. Will a Google console be the next Gmail? Or could it sink like Google Plus?

The Weird Porn History of Anime Games

If people like fighting games, RPGs, and visual novels, chances are they have played a game with a colorful history. Many series have surprisingly sexy roots.

Aliens: Colonial Marines AI Fixed by Repairing a Typo

Changing "Teather" to "Tether" in the Aliens: Colonial Marines config file does wonders for the game's AI.

Octopath Traveler Has Been Severely Underestimated

Octopath Traveler is doing so well, physical copies of the Switch game are near impossible to find.

Sony Releasing New PS4 Model

The PlayStation 4 slim model has received a minor update with a few tiny revisions.

Mr. Miyagi Say…Game Need Balance!

If people don't play games competitively, players may take balance for granted. But it's serious business, especially for the developers behind the games.

Turtle Beach's Stealth Isn’t Secretive About Quality

Those considering grabbing a headset, but unsure about which kind they need, may want to keep Turtle Beach in consideration. Whether people want something basic, like a Stealth 300, or higher end, like a Stealth 700, they're all set.

Warframe Developer Looking into Cross-Play

The conversation about cross-play for multiplatform games continues, with Warframe on the Switch being the next candidate.

Fantasy Flight Games Teases Fallout Product

A board game company has posted a Fallout image to its social media accounts to presumably tease a game or expansion.

Epic Passes Fortnite Profits on to Content Creators

Epic will take a smaller cut on Unreal Engine Marketplace purchases, thanks to Fortnite's success.

Funko Is Making a Pikachu Funko Pop

This Pikachu Funko Pop Target exclusive is the first Pokemon Pop.

Surgeon Simulator Gives Trump the Finger

Give Trump the finger and donate to charity by buying Surgeon Simulator while the president visits the UK.

Splatoon 2 Leaderboard Hacked to Prove a Point

A hacker got into in Splatoon 2's leaderboards in order to get Nintendo's attention.

RuneScape Taken Offline Amid Accidental Economic Crisis

Old School Runescape was briefly shut down, as a bug caused economic disaster and made gold flood the market.

COD: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer and Blackout Betas Dated

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be getting a Multiplayer beta in August and a Blackout beta in September.

Danger Zone 2 - Gameplay Trailer

Danger Zone 2 features high-speed driving, Boost, exciting new Vehicles, Objective-based gameplay and spectacular crashes. All 26 levels in Danger Zone 2 are based on real-world locations.

Why Cheat Codes Still Rock in 2018

Cheat codes are a time-honored tradition in gaming. Unfortunately, they are also something of a lost art. Yet, there are plenty of modern games who respect the concept and still include them!

Why Fury Is the Fiery Female Lead We Need

Darksiders is busting out! It's pushing boundaries in its latest installment, what with Darksiders III having a female protagonist, Seven Deadly Sins, and a whole lot of other hot stuff.
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