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CCC's Most Anticipated Games of 2008

CCC's Most Anticipated Games of 2008 article

LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
Q3 2008 / Dev: Media Molecule / Pub: SCEA (SONY)

Oh, Media Molecule. Ever since that GDC demonstration, everyone has been clamoring to get their hands on this title. User created content is the name of the game here and the tools they've demonstrated look to be pretty versatile. I do have one concern though: in all the previews I've come across (maybe I've missed the appropriate one), we've never seen any tools for dropping in enemies. I'd like to have a little 2D Mario-esque action. Physics based platforming and puzzles are fun and all, but enemies seem like such an obvious component. Let's hope the team is just waiting to unveil this kind of feature. - Jason Lauritzen, Freelance Writer

CCC's Most Anticipated Games of 2008 article

Fallout 3 (X360, PS3, PC)
Q4 2008 / Dev: Bethesda Softworks / Pub: Bethesda Softworks

The third coming of Fallout will be a post-apocalyptic indulgence for those of us who wielded away many hours behind the PC screen a decade ago with the first two amazing installments. A revival of the beloved franchise has been a long time coming, but the faithful will be rewarded. Precious core RPG elements and the dreary, post-nuclear destruction theme will remain intact alongside what will otherwise be a very different gameplay experience for Fallout fans.


With current generation graphics, the utilization of first-person perspective should make the backdrop of a charred and ruined American landscape more beautiful and horrific than previously imagined. A mixture of action-based combat, stunning visuals, a deep character development system, branching story paths, survival gameplay, and a three-tiered karma system should make this gritty epic one for the books. It appears Bethesda's development team is taking their hefty task very seriously, and we can only hope good things will come to those who wait. - Nathan Meunier, Staff Contributor

CCC's Most Anticipated Games of 2008 article

Animal Crossing (Wii)
TBA 2008 / Dev: Nintendo / Pub: Nintendo

Nintendo has been talking about this game for quite a while, and they often used it as an example of what the Wii and the WiiConnect24 service would be able to do for us. It looks like the game's release is approaching, although it hasn't been officially announced just yet. There isn't much information out there, but Animal Crossing for the Wii will bring us back good old friends along with some new ones, and the gameplay will surpass that of Animal Crossing: Wild Word for the DS. Thanks to WiiConnect24, our characters will receive letters and presents even when we're not playing the game, and our friends will be able to visit our town even if we're not playing at that time. Let's hope they won't be allowed to steal all the flowers and drop junk all over the place! It will be interesting to see the implementation of the Wii controls and if the game will be more of an MMO (massive multiplayer online) or if it will still maintain the "friend code" system Nintendo loves so much. Rumor has it we'll be able to send messages to the game from cell phones and PCs; we'll see how much of that is true. All I know is I can't wait for this game to come out! - Maria Montoro, Site Director

CCC's Most Anticipated Games of 2008 article

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