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E3 2007: A Whole New Show

E3 2007: A Whole New Show article

Lindsay Allison, Editor

After years of walking into the enormous Los Angeles Convention Center to display after seizure inducing display, the novelty of E3 wore off. The convention I was supposed to be covering for work had turned into a mass of fanboys. Quite frankly, I was sick of it. At E3 06, it was nearly impossible to get in to see the Nintendo Wii, even as the Senior Editor at the third largest game site in the world. I got asked which company I was a booth babe for (cause girls can't game, right?), and no, I was not walking around in a bikini. The lines to demo games were ridiculously long, and there were many games we couldn't wait around to demo; we had work to do. There was a cheering mob of people surrounding the G4 broadcast, there was a three hour line to get Adam West's autograph, and Paris Hilton was planning to make a guest appearance (to which she showed up three hours late and then mixed up the name of the game she was promoting)… Need I say more?

E3 2007: A Whole New Show article

Gaming is first and foremost about fun, but E3 wasn't fun anymore for those of us actually attempting to do our jobs - getting the convention news to you. It felt like a circus more than anything.

I was ready for the change. E3 07 moved out of downtown L.A. to calmer Santa Monica and downsized significantly. And when we went to E3, we could demo games to let you know the scoop, talk with the companies, and get the information we needed without standing in long lines. There were no booth babes, no displays that would launch California into a black out, and no Paris Hilton.

The parties still allowed us the opportunity to relax, have fun, and kick back. Yet, keeping the bikini clad women until after hours was a welcome change. I am happy about the new, professional format of E3, and look forward much more to next year.


Amanda Kondolojy, Freelance Writer

I definitely made it no secret that I wasn't one to hate on the new E3. I thought if the industry experts had their own little brain blast sessions, that it could only be great for us. I went into the new E3 experience with hope high, expecting to hear so many announcements, surprises, and unexpected news from my favorite companies that my head would be reeling.

I am so sorry I was wrong.

This year's E3, for me, was a very big bore. Nothing really exciting happened, there were no big revelations, and nothing to really wow me. Plus Kojima was disappointed, and that just solidified my opinion. Because I trust and adore the almighty Kojima. I mean, did you see what happened at Konami's conference? If that wasn't protest, then I don't know what was. But I digress.

Of the three big presenters at this year's E3, I would have to say that I was most entertained by Sony's press conference. While I enjoyed Nintendo's press conference (and the new WiiFit demonstration in particular), I feel like the excitement created by Sony's press conference almost brought me back to the old days. They were the only company who even bothered to try to capture some of that over-the-top spirit that E3 was so famous for.

As far as the game that I felt got the best showing at E3 had to be Killzone 2. Not necessarily because it was the best game there, or because it was new, but because it went from an undervalued and uninspired game concept to a fleshed out kick-butt looking game that could, dare I say, compete with Halo 3.

E3 2007: A Whole New Show article

All in all, I have to say I was really disappointed in this year's E3. I originally thought that taking the fans out of the equation would lead to a more concentrated and informative E3. But I've found that removing the fans has removed the excitement, and left me with a boring trade show that's nearly intolerable to participate in. Oh, well.

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