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E3 2009 - First Details

E3 2009 - First Details article

Yes, fear not. They'll be there. As it was a tradition up until Santa Monica's E3 07, E3 2009 will be packed full of sexy booth babes, bigger and cooler demo rooms, and exciting shows. Exhibitors won't have to be limited to specific booth sizes, and they'll be able to make their own choices when it comes to decoration. This means their booths can be as cool and extravagant as they want them to be, as opposed to last year's mostly dull and boring meeting rooms.


Some companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony still managed to add some spark to their show areas with great and minimalistic designs, but overall it wasn't what it used to be. Hopefully E3 09 will be loaded with glamour, but we'll have to wait and make sure the old glimmer hasn't been completely lost. At least the girls will be there!

E3 2009 - First Details article

So, when's this all happening?

Soon enough! E3 2008 left us all wanting for more, so we can't wait for the next E3! E3 2009 will take place from June 2nd to the 4th. The event has been moved from July to June, which sounds good to us. I guess next June will be a busy one!

E3 2009 - First Details article

Although we don't expect E3 2009 to have all the bells and whistles, we consider this a good start and the proper response to the much-criticized event. What we do hope to see is more interesting press conferences, more exciting announcements, and lots of hands-on opportunities with the hottest games of the year.

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

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