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Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades
Conference Call Interview

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades Conference Call Interview article

By Nathan Meunier

In response to a question about the potential of releasing band-specific Guitar Hero titles on the DS, Nathanielsz didn't rule out the possibility. "In future versions we'll look at content that excites us and people who are playing the game," he said. "We haven't locked anything down at this point. For decades, we've taken the route of finding the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. But, if we hear people say 'man, we really want Metallica on DS' we'd look at doing that."


Nintendo's DSI and the Future of Guitar Hero Portability

When asked about whether the development team was informed about Nintendo's plans to release the DSi next year (sans the GBA slot required for the Guitar Grip), Nathanielsz elected not to discuss specifics or venture a comment on the potential impact it could have on the future of the franchise on the handheld platform. "I'll tell you we're very excited about the DSi," he said, adding the interview wasn't the proper forum to get into details about the matter, since the DSi will not be available until well after Decades launches this fall. "We've seen the news and are excited about the capabilities of that system and really excited to hunker down here and look at ways we can support it."

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades Conference Call Interview article

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is slated to ship on Nov. 16. The game will be available bundled with the Guitar Grip or on its own for those who are no strangers to handheld rock.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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