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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

PW: Pete Wanat - Executive Producer of Wanted: Weapons of Fate
NT: Nick Torchia - Producer of Wanted: Weapons of Fate
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Playing a level with a different character - will that affect the strategy I use?

NT: It doesn't change anything. It's just more of an aesthetic point.

CCC: Was it hard making A.I. that worked with the different mechanics?

NT: The trick was, because we have curving, a lot of the game is distance-based. Later on, the enemies actually can dodge your curve. You'll try to curve a bullet into the enemy, but they do this kind of Matrix effect. So basically, you have to do your core mechanics, like sneak up and stab them. Adding that strategy element was key to the actual game.


CCC: A lot of the new and innovative things you're doing come right from the movie, again like the curving bullets. Nonetheless, do you see these mechanics having an influence on other games? These are fun to do, and I'd love to see them elsewhere.

NT: NT: I agree with you. I'd love to be the game that inspired others - Dark Sector did do it before, where you controlled the blade, and Heavenly Sword did it, but it used a Six-Axis control - it would be great, an honor. We're also the first to have vertical gameplay.

CCC: Sorry, vertical gameplay?

NT: In one of the levels in the airplane, you're traversing upward while the plane is crashing, so the gameplay is actually more vertical. For Uncharted 2, they show a trailer where you're falling down and everything's vertical. The God of War III trailer has the same thing, where he's falling down.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

CCC: Do you see this as part of a franchise?

NT: Oh, yeah. I would love to see another one done. Of course, there hasn't been an official announcement for a motion picture, but we would love to do another one. There's a lot of exciting things we'd like to add to the cover system and the curve system.

CCC: So, there won't be another game unless there's another movie?

NT: We're kind of tied to that. Who knows? If it's a runaway hit, maybe they'll let us do it. That's more of a business decision. But, it does help when there's an actual movie.

CCC: You're one of the few movie-based games to come out after the theater release and DVD. What are the advantages to that?

NT: One, if you spend more time on the game, you make it better. That's number one. And two, you kind of continue the franchise. Maybe you kind of get it back into people's minds: "Oh, Wanted's back. Is there going to be a sequel?" You can ride the coattails either way.

By Robert VerBruggen
CCC Journalist

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