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GC 2008

The High and Lows of Leipzig's Games Convention 2008

The High and Lows of Leipzig's Games Convention 2008 article

Additionally, Sony announced plans to release a small, Bluetooth PS3 keyboard attachment for use with either the SIXAXIS or the DualShock 3 controllers. The rechargeable device snaps onto the controller, allowing players to input text messages with greater ease. While the keypad seems initially geared for Sony's upcoming interactive community-based Home service, it also features a touch mode which company reps said could be used as a new interface for games. The controller add-on is scheduled to ship worldwide this November.

The High and Lows of Leipzig's Games Convention 2008 article

Fallout 3 Dated

One of the most anticipated third-party titles of the year has finally been given a solid release date. We've been closely watching development of Fallout 3 since Bethesda obtained the rights to revive the famed post-apocalyptic series, and it's shaping up to be an excellent and varied experience. All versions of the game will be released in the U.S. on October 28.


Low Points:

Nintendo No-show

The lack of Nintendo news at this year's conference was disappointing to say the least. Citing a desire to focus on smaller events and promotional tours, Nintendo opted out of GC 2008 altogether. It seems a somewhat foolish move, given the record-breaking turnouts this year. However, NOE stated it has had "many positive experiences" with smaller events and plans to take its show on the road around Germany this year instead of focusing on a single event. Nintendo's E3 showing was fairly sparse, so a few fresh announcements could have gone a long way.

Project Origin Delayed

F.E.A.R. fans anxiously awaiting the release of the sequel this fall will have longer to wait. The word coming out of GC is Project Origin will be delayed until early 2009. No official reason was given for the bumped-back release date. Hopefully, the extra time will allow for additional finishing touches when the game drops for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in Q1 2009.

The High and Lows of Leipzig's Games Convention 2008 article

Space Invader Twin Towers Controversy

An interactive gaming art exhibit by American artist Douglas Edric Stanley ruffled feathers on the convention floor and caused more than a few eyebrows to rise. The piece, titled "Invaders!," combines gameplay from the classic Space Invaders against a backdrop of the Twin Towers slowly being decimated by the alien onslaught. Players can attempt to defend the towers, but they ultimately fail as the buildings crumble beneath the attacks of laser fire and suicide UFOs.

The High and Lows of Leipzig's Games Convention 2008 article

According to the artist, the installation was designed to provide critical commentary on the war strategy but left quite a few attendees feeling sour. The exhibit was eventually switched off and replaced with a statement from Stanley. Taito has since indicated the possibility of taking legal action against Stanley regarding unauthorized use of its Space Invaders intellectual property.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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