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TGS 2007: Big Things Are Coming!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Big Things Are Coming! article

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - PSP

Completionists will remember the final scene in Kingdom Hearts II. It seemed to look like a prequel to the series, and was perhaps a glimpse into an upcoming game in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you had any of these thoughts, you were pretty much right! Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is the game that was featured at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, and has now been formally announced as being in development for the PSP. And although a majority of the footage that we saw at the Square-Enix event was a rehash of the footage at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, it's still good to see it again and to know that this title is more than a myth. Again, as this title is just announced, there's no real information about release, but I'm sure there will be some soon!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Big Things Are Coming! article

Devil May Cry 4 - PlayStation 3

Here's one that the fanboys have been waiting for! The first Devil May Cry with Nero as the lead has had certain sects talking for quite some time. And we finally got to see what it will look like when you're actually playing this thing. And we also confirmed one of our earliest suspicions: Dante isn't gone. In fact Dante is going to be a fairly integral part of Devil May Cry 4's gameplay. And another fairly interesting tidbit for the Sony fanboys: the title will take advantage of the PS3's new and oh-so-shiny Dualshock controller. But no worries, 360 fans, the title will also have rumble there too.


But back to the game. While the same old playable demo levels were on-hand, the biggest draw this year was the demonstration of a certain boss fight involving the two characters mentioned above. Sound crucial to you? Yeah, it was totally crucial. Nero and Dante both pulled out all the stops and used killer moves on one another that were just dazzling to see. And of course, the battle ended with no one really "dying" but I don't think that Capcom wanted to show too many spoilers. Heaven knows that when the spoilers start coming, the masses begin heading to the suicide booths. But the good news here is that Devil May Cry 4 is due out in the US early next year. So if your jonesing for some hot guy-on-guy action, you won't have to wait much longer!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Big Things Are Coming! article

Ninja Gaiden II - Xbox 360

And, of course, we've saved the best for last. Ninja Gaiden II was poised to be huge as soon as an official word was given. And official word we got, complete with the goriest gameplay most of us have ever witnessed in a public forum. While we watched the overhead gameplay, which featured Ryu dismembering and slicing enemies in half, some had the thought that this game may not have much of a future in the US. With the ESRB being the way it is, an AO rating may not be that far fetched, given the extremely grizzly graphics. Oh, and did I mention that all of these ultra-violent scenes were complete with the squish-squish sounds of death? Ninja Gaiden II looks like it definitely will not be for the faint of heart. And, as you may expect in a game of this brutal caliber, much of the focus will be on your ninja arsenal. The game features a veritable plethora of weapons, and you are able to equip four at a time using the d-pad. And since getting massively hurt is definitely not cool, Ninja Gaiden 2 will sport a nifty health regeneration system! As of now, the only thing we really know about when this one is releasing is that it will be sometime next year! Here's hoping they make it past the ESRB, and can deliver some of the brutal ninja warfare action we all crave!

And although these games weren't exactly playable, it still didn't detract from the overall experience of these games. But what else did the Tokyo Game Show have in terms of experience? Well you'll just have to check out more of CheatCC's extended coverage of the Tokyo Game Show 07 to find out!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Big Things Are Coming! article

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Freelance Writer

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