What Homer Said

What Homer Said

Like cover songs, classic games are reinterpreted for new systems. The result is you spending more money on a novelty. I've played the hell out of the original arcade Tetris, and every subsequent version from the Gameboy to my iPhone. But I'm not buying it anymore. I'm not waiting for it to come out in any other version, or for any other system. And that includes having the Tetris chip implanted in my brain in 2016. Tetris, like so many classic games, cannot be reinvented. The franchise has been milked to a powder. The publishers are always poised to pawn classic games off to a new generation when we lose interest.


Without quality content, technology is nothing more than a novelty. It may seem like a stretch to call South Park animated. It could have been performed hundreds of years ago as a puppet show. It's popular because of the content. To continue the music analogy, The White Stripes and Black Keys are like the South Park of bands. The newest synths, loops, beats, and digital effects won't turn $#!+ into a hit.

What Homer Said

The future is built on the past. And if you look closely enough, you can see the future coming a mile away. And I can see we're on a collision course with another gaming crash. We need more creativity in the content to steer this industry in the right direction. Right now, the only place I see the golden age of gaming is in my rearview mirror.

Cole Smith
Contributing Writer
Date: June 22, 2012

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