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Play Xbox Originals on the 360!

Xbox Originals article

Just a little bit ago Microsoft decided to renovate the Xbox 360 dashboard, including several new features and a new section within the Xbox Marketplace named Xbox Originals. Microsoft is giving you a new taste of old-school gaming. Check out these fan-favorites and see if you fall in love all over again!

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Xbox Original Crimson Skies: High road to Revenge - Xbox Original Fable - Xbox Original Fuzion Frenzy - Xbox Original Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox Original Indigo Prophecy - Xbox Original Psychonauts - Xbox Original


Developer: Blitz Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Fuzion Frenzy was one of those launch titles for the Xbox that really helped showcase the new console's potential. While the great legacy that the original Xbox left us with might have been its action and shooter games, let us not forget that the original Xbox had games that were aimed at the more casual sect, even before it was cool. Fuzion Frenzy features fairly short-term mini-game-based gameplay, which has you playing through a number of randomly selected minigames and then going into a frenzy mode. The frenzy mode is what really set the original Fuzion Frenzy apart from other mini-games that were out when this one released in 2001.

Xbox Originals article

The frenzy mode essentially let players wager their points won during previous mini-games in a bet to win even more points. This gave players who hadn't performed well in previous mini-games the chance to still win the round. Fuzion Frenzy, unfortunately, was one of the only games for the original Xbox that was aimed more towards the casual market, but the good news is that Fuzion Frenzy's gameplay was enough to keep players engaged for quite some time. Fuzion Frenzy also opened the door for more mini-game-based games like Viva Piņata: Party Animals that would come in with the growth of the Xbox. But as a launch title for the original Xbox, Fuzion Frenzy gave casual gamers, puzzle lovers, and mini-game fans a game that everyone could enjoy!


Xbox Originals article

by Amanda L. Kondolojy

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