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Play Xbox Originals on the 360!

Xbox Originals article

Just a little bit ago Microsoft decided to renovate the Xbox 360 dashboard, including several new features and a new section within the Xbox Marketplace named Xbox Originals. Microsoft is giving you a new taste of old-school gaming. Check out these fan-favorites and see if you fall in love all over again!

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Xbox Original Crimson Skies: High road to Revenge - Xbox Original Fable - Xbox Original Fuzion Frenzy - Xbox Original Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox Original Indigo Prophecy - Xbox Original Psychonauts - Xbox Original


Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Atari

Before there were games like Bioshock and Mass Effect, there was Indigo Prophecy. Indigo Prophecy was one of the first games to feature multiple story possibilities and a plot that changed based on your actions in the game. You begin the game as Lucas Kane, a man who has just committed a murder. The twist? Lucas didn't want to commit the murder. He temporarily lost control of his body and stabbed a hapless man in a bathroom to death before he regained his consciousness. All he can really remember is the image of a little girl reaching out for him.

Xbox Originals article

This is how you embark on a dark and supernatural adventure that lets you experience man's last stand set in the not-too-far future of 2009.

You play as several different characters, including Kane, the two police officers investigating the murder Kane committed , and Kane's older brother who is a priest. Depending on what items you use, who you speak to, and the ways in which you deal with different situations as each of the characters, different events in the game change. Based on your actions early on in the game, characters will live, die or realize different destinies. Combine that with some pretty great last-gen graphics and a mesmerizing score, and you've got yourself one of the most memorable last-gen games that is sure to respark your interest, even after you've already experienced it all those years ago.

So why should you revisit Indigo Prophecy? Almost every time you play the game, it will be a different experience. Not only are specific events in the story's plot subject to change, but there are also three completely different endings. Although Indigo Prophecy may not have the scope of this gen's darling Mass Effect, it certainly has enough possibility in it to warrant another look.


Xbox Originals article

by Amanda L. Kondolojy

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