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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Has a Mercenary System

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will have a system based on increasingly tough mercs hunting you down.

Bethesda Adjusts Controversial Review Policy

Bethesda's review policy has quietly gone back to give critics more time to play, and here's why.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ad Featuring John Marston Spotted

Looks like our boy John Marston is confirmed to be involved with Red Dead Redemption 2 in some way.

2K Showcase Returns in WWE 2K19

The story of Daniel Bryan will be recreated in WWE 2K19, via a campaign that follows his career.

Spider-Man - Gameplay Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man coming exclusively to PS4.

WWE 2K19 - Daniel Bryan Showcase Mode

The story-driven 2K Showcase mode is back in WWE 2K19 – Fight for Daniel Bryan’s dreams and re-live his story in the WWE 2K19 Showcase Mode!

Are the Xbox Rumors Our Next Step?

The recent rumors about Microsoft's plans for the next generation Xbox are more than intriguing. Could streaming become viable?

Does Twitch Have a Big Problem to Fix?

One Twitch streamer played a game fully and refunded it live, outside of the return time period. Is this ethical?

Should We Just Accept Our Digital Future?

Some people think an all-digital future is inevitable when it comes to video games. Is that possible? Or even a good idea?

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Input Latency Tested

Things aren't so great for Mega Man X Legacy Collection on any platform.

Fallout 76 Has a Fun Way to Deal with Griefers

If players want to be jerks in Fallout 76, bad things will happen to them.

Ex-Nexon Executive Cancels LawBreakers Panel

Even in death, LawBreakers can't catch a break.

Bethesda Sends Legal Notices to Sellers over ‘New’ Listings

Bethesda caused a bit of a stir over secondhand game sales language.

Forza Horizon 4 - Features Preview

Forza Horizon 4 brings a host of new features including dynamic seasons, a shared world, new gameplay modes, player houses, new showcase events, and so much more!

Are Remakes Real Good or a Real Ripoff?

Capcom and Nintendo are both betting heavily on remakes, remasters, and ports. Is this good for everyone? Or is it just good for them?

Why We Can’t Wait for Soulcalibur VI in October

Soulcalibur's Ivy is one of gaming's most iconic heroines. What makes her so amazing? Let's go over her best assets!

Top 5 Capcom Classics That Need a Revival

Capcom is all about reviving its old IPs now. Which is great, because the company has lots of series it can bring back to life. These five need a second chance!

Bethesda Officially Unveils DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal will feature ripping, tearing, and also ripping with tearing.

Cuphead Has Gone Triple Platinum

Cuphead is doing pretty well, folks, even though the DLC won't be released until 2019.

Check Out the Taiko no Tatsujin PS4 and Switch Songs

The two new Taiko games's tracklists have been revealed! Get ready for lots of anime theme songs!

Monster Hunter: World Is Killing It on Steam

Monster Hunter: World has already broken Steam records, which is amazing since it only just launched!

PlayStation - Limited Edition Bundle Trailer

500 Million PlayStation® systems sold means 500 Million adventures. This Limited Edition Bundle includes a PS4 Pro Console with a 2TB Hard drive, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, PlayStation Camera, and Vertical Stand.

Why 2018 Is the Best Year for Crossovers

So many crossovers happened in 2018! It seems like all sorts of fighting games were mashed together. Here's why that is such a great thing.

The Battle of the Kart Racers Is About to Begin

Sonic may have ups and downs on foot, but on the race track he's doing alright. Could Team Sonic Racing beat Mario Kart?