Ascension: Deckbuilding Game


Easy "Don't Mind If Adayu" achievement

Both of the cards are from the Return Of The Fallen set. Acquire Adayu first from the center row. In a subsequent turn, use his ability that allows you to defeat or acquire any card to defeat Samael and get the "Don't Mind If Adayu" achievement.

Easy "Trophy Room" achievement

There are currently five Trophy Monsters in the Storm Of Souls set: Fanatic, Hoarding Tyrant, Hoarding Whelp, Minotaur, and Unchained Fates. Defeat each one of those monsters from the center row to add them to your sideboard. They are technically in play until you use their trophy ability. Have all five of them in your sideboard at the same time, and do not use their trophy abilities to get the "Trophy Room" achievement.

Easy "Weapon X" achievement

There are currently six Mechana Contructs from the Chronicle of the Godslayer set: Burrower Mark II, Hedron Link Device, Rocket Courier X-99, The Grand Design, Hedron Cannon, and Watchmaker's Altar. You must control one of each of them and have them in play at the same time. Try to acquire them as fast as possible because the CPU will prioritize getting Mechana Constructs since they have a 1:1 Victory Point to cost ratio. There are only one of each of the Hedron Constructs in the deck. If the CPU manages to get one of them, start a new game.

Easy "You Must Be Aaron" achievement

Avatar Of The Fallen is from the Chronicles Of The Godslayer set. Samael The Fallen is from the Return Of The Fallen set. Wait until both cards are in play together. It is easier to defeat Avatar Of The Fallen; its ability lets you defeat or acquire any other card in play. Use this ability to defeat Samael.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Assassin: Win 10 games in a row against other players.
    Beastly Staff: Gain 5 Honor or more from the reveal of Beast Staff.
    BF Sword: Defeat five monsters in a single turn with Oziah.
    Builder: Play 1000 Constructs.
    Catch 'em all: Defeat all 5 Growmites in the same game.
    Cobra King Midas: Gain 20 Honor in a single turn with Jakeb, Cobra King.
    Cult Friendly: Win 10 games without killing the Cultist.
    Cult Killer: Kill the Cultist 1000 times.
    Don't mind if Adayu: Defeat Samael the Fallen with Adayu.
    Dream Big: Acquire Dream Machine with P.R.I.M.E..
    Energizer Bunny: Gain 10 energy in one turn.
    First Beat Down: Win a game against another player.
    Freebee: Acquire Oziah for free with Energy.
    Greedy Treasure Hunter: Have Moken the Huntsmaster in your deck with at least 10 treasures.
    Have Everything – CoG: Acquire or defeat every card in Chronicle of the Godslayer.
    Have Everything – RotF: Acquire or defeat every card in Chronicle of the Godslayer.
    Have Everything – SoS: Acquire or defeat every card in Storm of Souls.
    Herald of Winning: Defeat and Energize Herald of Doom.
    Hot Streak: Win 10 games in a row.
    Livin' on the Edge: Have Umbral edge and Penumbral Edge in play at the same time.
    Lucky Godslayer: Acquire Hedron Cannon after defeating Avatar of the Fallen that turn.
    Monster Mash: Have one of each Return of the Fallen Monster in your deck while Samael is in play.
    More than meets the Eye: Transform all of the cards in Darkness Unleashed.
    On Your Way: Win a game..
    Over 9000!!: Gain 9001 honor points.
    Recruiter: Acquire 1000 center row Heroes.
    Soul Collector: Use each of the Soul Gems.
    Soul Fire: Play 5 Soul Gems in 1 turn.
    Tag Team: Take an extra turn with Wandering Askara.
    The Benjamin: Win 100 games.
    Time Machine: Take 5 turns in a row while playing with Return of the Fallen.
    Time Traveler: Take 5 turns in a row while playing with only Chronicle of the Godslayer.
    Treasure Trove: Acquire five or more treasure in the same turn.
    Trophy Room: Have one of each trophy monster in play at the same time while playing with Storm of Souls.
    United We Stand: Play 5 Lifebound heroes in a single turn while playing with only Storm of Souls.
    Vanquisher: Defeat 1000 center row Monsters.
    Weapon X: Have at least one of each Mechana construct from Chronicle of the Godslayer in play at the same time.
    Yoink: Defeat Xeron, Duke of Lies in a 4 player game.
    Yolo Twice: Return Yolocryx from the discard pile to your hand.
    You must be Aaron: Defeat Avatar of the Fallen and Samael the Fallen in the same turn.
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