Cloning Clyde


Play as Mutant-Clyde

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Mutant-Clyde" option under the cheat menu.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Absurd Amphibian: Become a Frog-Clyde.
    Ancestorial Antics: Become an Ape-Clyde.
    Becoming Baaaad: Become a Sheep-Clyde.
    Boom-shakalaka: Destroy a security bot with a rocket.
    D.N.Ain't: Become a Mutant-Clyde.
    Duh Iunno: Confuse clyde with extraneous input 15 times.
    Dupliclone Dash: Complete levels 1-24 and 10 Challenge levels under par time.
    Fastest clone on earth: Ride a rocket.
    Foolish Freedom: Exit 75 clones through the ventilation shafts.
    Got a bunch!: Collect 100 of the cloned killer kenn action figures.
    Kenn Collection: Collect 50 of the cloned killer kenn action figures.
    Killer Kudos: Collect all of the cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.
    King Clyde: Complete all of the Challenge Levels.
    Machinicide: Destroy 50 security bots.
    Master of all Clyde-Dumb: Win the game!.
    My other belt is black: Super attack five machines.
    Oh the bot-manatee!: Destroy 100 secuirty bots.
    One Man Army: Clone yourself 50 times.
    Ponderous Procreation: Clone yourself 25 times.
    Poultry Party: Become a Chicken-Clyde.
    Rescue.. me?: Rescue 40 clydes.
    Security Hole: Destroy 10 security bots.
    Wheely tired: Run in wheels for 30 minutes (cumulative over a level, but not the game).
    Worth Saving: Rescue a clyde.
    Yee-Haw!: Ride a sheep in the cowboy outfit.
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