Guild Wars: Nightfall

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Sixth God Statue

Successfully complete the game to gain access to the sixth God Statue in the Chantry Of Secrets.

Missing heroes

After completing the final mission, you will be able to pickup quests that allow you to add any heroes you previously missed to your party.

Reducing Elementalist damage

There is a high number of Dervish and Elementalist bosses that can easily deal over 200 damage. Taking a monk with Protective Spirit will only cause them to damage 10% of your maximum health.

Hero's Ascent

In the qualifying round of Hero's Ascent, you can order your heroes and henchmen to attack the Zaishen without triggering the timer. This makes it possible to always earn a 10% morale boost.

Spell interruptions

The AI can interrupt skills and spells in a split second. If you think you are about to be interrupted, stop the skill with [Esc] then re-cast. This prevents you from having to wait for the skill to recharge.

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