The Hero Of Kendrickstone


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    +1 Keen Shortsword: Recover a sword of legend.
    +4 to Spellcraft: Recover an ancient magic tome.
    A Magical Place: Fulfill Isan of Korilandis' request.
    Bard: Become well-spoken and well-read.
    Black-Clad: Learn the name of the bandit leader.
    Chaotic Evil: Become an avatar of disorder and destruction.
    Coin and Shadow: Prove your loyalty to William of Hallowford.
    DC 20 Diplomacy: Turn an enemy into an ally.
    Fighter: Become a skilled physical combatant.
    Fistfighting Minigame: Spend most of the year punching people for coin.
    Grand Cup: Fulfill William of Hallowford's request.
    Healing Hands: Spend most of the year healing others.
    Honor and Steel: Prove your loyalty to Dame Mildred.
    Hopeless Romantic: Spend most of the year pursuing true love.
    La Belle Dame de Sonnemerci: Take a knight as your mentor.
    Lawful Good: Become a paragon of compassion and law.
    Leaving Home: Leave home to become an adventurer.
    Legitimate Business: Take a crime lord as your mentor.
    Local Hero: Become a well-known adventurer.
    Murderer: Kill another human being.
    Phat Lute: Spend most of the year playing your lute in taverns.
    Rogue: Become skilled in stealth and ambush.
    Self-Taught: Refuse to take a mentor.
    Starting Wealth: Amass a respectable amount of coin.
    The "Best" Solution: Solve “problems” by killing them.
    The Hero of Kendrickstone: Save the city of Kendrickstone.
    The Path to Power: Take the court wizard as your mentor.
    The Razor's Edge: Fulfill Dame Mildred's request.
    Wisdom and Fire: Prove your loyalty to Isan of Korilandis.
    Wizard: Study the ways of magic.
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