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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    ... Like Hotcakes: Make a single deal of 10,000 units.
    0% Financing: Sell 50,000 video game consoles and LCD TVs.
    An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away: Produce 200,000 fruits (Apple, Cherry, Orange).
    Arrrr!: Produce 1,200,000 Rum and Whiskey.
    BBQ: Sell 150,000 meat (Beef, Pork).
    Big Business Owner: Own 20 different buildings.
    Biodiversity: Breed 4 different types of animals at the same time.
    Blinky: Own a nuclear power plant.
    Bottoms Up!: Produce 800,000 Beer.
    Bulk Delivery: Make a single deal of 1,000 units.
    Car Connoisseur: Own 10 different vehicles.
    Category 9 Storm: Produce 1,000 kW of electricity with wind turbines.
    Cattle Baron: Breed 8,000 animals (Cow, Pig, Sheep).
    Completionist: Finish all scenarios.
    Curator Aquarium: Supply over 400 water from the rain treatment plant.
    Economic Upturn: Grow 2 cities in the current game over level 40.
    Editor's Choice: Sell 50,000 books.
    Egghead: Sell 50,000 eggs.
    Eighty Soccer Fields: Own 800,000 m² of land.
    Extremely Flammable: Produce 400,000 Gasoline and Diesel.
    Global Player: Earn 2,500,000 by trading on the global market.
    Go Green!: Produce 2,700 kW of electricity with bio-gas plants, solar plants and wind turbines.
    Grandmaster Agriculturalist: Produce at least 18 different types of crops at the same time.
    Great Harvest: Sell 100,000 field products (Corn, Wheat, Tomato).
    Halftime: Finish 3 scenarios.
    Hammer and Pick: Dig 200,000 metal ores (Iron, Copper, Aluminum).
    Hear Me Roar!: Produce 10,000 Gold Bullions.
    Industrial Magnate: Own 35 different buildings.
    Jackpot: Build a mine on a location with over 11,000 metal ore (Iron, Copper, Aluminum).
    Journeyman Agriculturalist: Produce at least 6 different types of crops at the same time.
    Juicy: Sell 700,000 juice (Apple Juice, Orange Juice).
    Local Provider: Trade with 2 different cities.
    Made Man: Reach 15,000,000 in your account.
    Master Agriculturalist: Produce at least 12 different types of crops at the same time.
    Metropolis: Grow 5 cities in the current game over level 40.
    Milky Way: Sell 500,000 Low-fat Milk.
    Motorization: Produce 22,000 vehicles (Car, SUV, Van).
    Not Bad!: Earn 10,000 in a single trade.
    Novice Agriculturalist: Produce at least 3 different types of crops at the same time.
    One Hundred and Fifty Soccer Fields: Own 1,500,000 m² of land.
    Peak? What Peak?: Pump 300,000 oil.
    Peanuts: Earn 1,000 in a single trade.
    Prospectors Wanted!: Build a Geo Survey Institute.
    Radiant Future: Dig 500 Uranium.
    Regional Provider: Trade with 5 different cities.
    Ruhr Valley: Produce 8,000 Steel.
    Sausage Fest: Sell 50,000 sausages.
    Silicon Valley: Produce 700,000 Microchips.
    Slow-moving Traffic: Own 50 vehicles.
    Small Business Owner: Own 8 different buildings.
    Sterling Cutlery: Produce 10,000 Silver Bars.
    Steven Seagull: Sell 30,000 fish.
    Summer Sale: Sell 500,000 video games.
    Sweet Tooth: Produce 500,000 Sugar.
    The Big Fish: Earn 40,000 in a single trade.
    The Colonel: Breed 60,000 Chickens.
    Thirty Soccer Fields: Own 300,000 m² of land.
    Too Greedy and Too Deep: Dig 12,000 precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum).
    Top Earner: Earn 1,000,000 by trading with cities.
    Traffic Jam: Own 150 vehicles.
    Vintage: Own a vehicle for 10 years.
    We Need More Lockers!: Hire more than 80 workers.
    Workers of the World, Unite!: Hire more than 300 workers.
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