Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey


Getting gems

Farm previously completed levels for gems. Use them to improve your stats or purchase items for use in more difficult levels.

During any level, save your strongest word for last. Use it to attack the gem pile at the end of the level.

Purchase the item from the book store that gives an extra 4% gems.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama: Spell 25 palindromes.
    All Plagued Out: Fill the entire board with plague tiles.
    Book Smart: Earn 1000 book XP.
    Born To Spell: Spell 5000 words.
    Close Call: Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining.
    Critically Acclaimed: Do 100 critical attacks.
    Crystal Conqueror: Spell a word containing two or more crystals.
    Eh Eee Eye Owe You: Use 2500 vowels.
    FEELING REALLY GOOD!: Spell 200 double-letter words (ex: 'bubble').
    Honorary Bacon Bandit: Spell the word BANDITS.
    I Wonder What Was Inside?: Destroy 20 treasure chests.
    In The Corner: Use 500 corner letters.
    It's a Bling Thing: Spend 25000 gems.
    It's BACON!!!!!!!!!!: Spell the word BACON.
    Knowledge Is Power: Reach max level with one book.
    Letter To The Editor: Use 5000 letters.
    Librarian: Purchase 5 books.
    Monster Masher: Defeat 250 monsters.
    My Precious: Use 100 crystals.
    Need A Pick Me Up?: Purchase 10 potions.
    'Oct'oberfest (this is getting sad): Spell 5 eight-letter words.
    Open Sesame!: Open 10 treasure chests.
    Part Of The Way Dare: Earn 20 crystal stars.
    Pin Cushion: Take 10000 damage.
    Precision Striking: Defeat 5 monsters with exact damage.
    Prevention: Use 25 plague tiles.
    Printing Press: Fill the entire board with duplicator tiles.
    Quest King (or Queen!): Complete 50 quests.
    Rock Star: Earn 120 stars.
    Row Row Row Your Boat: Use an entire row in one word 3 times.
    Saving Up: Earn 15000 gems.
    See You in 'Sept'ember: Spell 10 seven-letter words.
    Show Me The Money: Bust apart 100 gem piles..
    Showing Off: Finish a stage with full health.
    Sidestepper: Dodge 50 attacks.
    Sir Punch A Bunch: Deal 25000 damage.
    Sir Punch A Lot: Deal 10000 damage.
    Six Pack: Spell 50 six-letter words.
    So Close!: Leave a monster with only one health.
    Spelling Bee Champ: Spell 2000 words.
    Starbitrary: Earn 29 stars.
    Superstar: Earn 99 stars.
    Swappy McSwappington: Swap all letters 50 times.
    Tile Trouble: Lose from taking tile damage.
    Top Shelf!: Use 500 letters from the top row.
    Walk Of Fame: Earn 40 crystal stars.
    We Have The Technology: Purchase 30 upgrades.
    What Was The Point?: Spell a word that does zero damage.
    What're Ya Buyin'?: Purchase 50 merchant items.
    WHY?: Spell 3 words with no vowels.
    Yay Everyday Royalty: Spell a word that contains two 'Y's.
    You, The Master Of Unlocking: Open a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses.
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