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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    ...On a Halifax Pier: Help Hawkins destroy Lightbearer.
    Anime Ja Nai!: Your willpower failed you at a crucial moment.
    Apocalypse: Cancelled: You saved Crown Station from destruction.
    Bad Priorities: Run away during the battle of Crown Station.
    Beach! Volleyball!: Romance your wingperson.
    Bright Slap: You resorted to corporal punishment.
    Grand Theft Prototype: Recover a prototype from the enemy.
    Heavy Risk...: Romance your deck chief.
    Highlander Burial: You destroyed an enemy machine by landing on it.
    I Will (Not) Abandon You...: Romance your bridge controller.
    Just Following Orders: Use Lightbearer to destroy the enemy fleet.
    Just This Once!: Every major character survived to the end of the story.
    Kill 'em All!: You got everyone, yourself included, killed.
    Men of Destiny: Play through the story with an all-male cast.
    No Machine Gun for You!: You lost your ranged weapon in combat, twice!
    Orlando Furioso: Defeat the Roland while Hawkins is piloting it.
    Orlando Innamorato: You fell in love with Hawkins.
    Red Comet: You flew a swift machine painted red and gold.
    Si Vis Pacem: You became head of the Damocles Initiative.
    Take that, Manfred!: You ended the story with more than 80 kills.
    The Biggest Stick: Intimidate the enemy fleet into surrendering.
    The Circus: Bury Hawkins in a swarm of missiles.
    The Morningstar: Complete the main story.
    The Nightmare of Vedria: End the story with less than 20 Reputation.
    The Sword That Cleaves Evil: Max out your melee combat ability.
    The White Death: Max out your ranged combat ability.
    Vedrian Standoff: Use Lightbearer to force an end to the war.
    Who the Hell...: End the story with more than 80 Reputation.
    Women of Destiny: Play through the story with an all-female cast.
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