Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Beyond expectations: Complete 1000 assignments.
    Brawler: Get 10 PvP kills.
    Buddy up: Add a friend.
    Cog in the machine: Join a corporation.
    Death incarnate: Get 1000 PvP kills.
    Employee of the month: Complete 100 assignments.
    First blood: Kill a player.
    Frontier citizen: Enter a terminal on a Gamma island.
    Hmm, upgrades: Upgrade an extension.
    I know kung fu: Install a new extension.
    I'm doing my part!: Kill an NPC.
    It doesn't even hurt anymore: Get killed by other players 100 times.
    It's covered, right?: Lose an insured robot.
    Keep the change, you filthy animal!: Send 1 NIC to a developer.
    Major mechgrinder: Kill 1000 NPCs.
    Master assassin: Get 100 PvP kills.
    Maxed out: Reach level 10 with an extension.
    Met the locals: Get killed by an NPC.
    Murder in paradise: Kill another player on an Alpha island.
    Read the fine print: Insure a robot.
    Reliable associate: Complete 10 assignments.
    Reporting for duty: Complete an assignment.
    Ride the lightning: Use a teleport.
    Risk taker: Enter a terminal on a Beta island.
    Robo-shredder: Kill 100 NPCs.
    Spark of change: Install a new spark.
    The start of something great: Create your own corporation.
    This calls for revenge: Get killed by another player.
    This means war: Get killed by other players 10 times.
    This world is spinning around me: Spin the robot 1000 times.
    Travelling without moving: Use a spark teleport.
    Whac-A-Drone: Kill 10 NPCs.
    Wolfpack: Join a squad.
    Working class hero: Kill another player with an industrial robot.
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