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The War at the End of it All

by Matthew Walker

May 10, 2007 - We have been enjoying the world that Tom Clancy has created for years now. A world that involves all of the fascinating aspects of a great Bond or War novel blended beautifully inside reality. His writing style is one of the leading reasons that he not only has become a well-versed and received author, but one of the most recognizable names in gaming as well. With recent smash hits and multiplatform mega hits like Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Ghost Recon Advance Warfighters 2 dropping hints about an impending war, it was only a matter of time before news about the EndWar would surface.

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In the year 2014, the world realizes peace. The United States and Europe have formed a unified alliance to launch the first interlocking, anti-ballistic missile system of its kind. 8.2 billion watch as the end of strategic nuclear war is affirmed. Missile silos are emptied and economies are stabilized. The ideal of human coexistence seems to be finally attained. Not all is meant to last. Only 12 months pass before things start to unravel with the breaking news of overstated oil reserves. This event, of course, raises the cost of natural resources, doubles their values, and cripples the industrial world. Russia, in the midst of this devastating loss, has found new wealth after investing their profits from petrol. Over the next three years, the U.S. and Europe devise plans and countermeasures to halt a resurgent Russia. Once again, the world finds itself with opposing superpowers as well as the beginnings of the militarization of space. The U.S. reveals plans of launching the first military base into orbit. Two years later, with dissension and opposing military tensions mounting, the module launch falls victim to a terrorist attack. The shockwaves are felt throughout the world and events begin to unfold in a series of reactions that the human race may never recover from, and so a conflict of final magnitude begins.


Last month, when Ubisoft announced plans to release a completely new chapter into the Tom Clancy universe, everyone began to sweat with the plotline revealed. The premise of the entire world at war, taking place smack dab in the middle of World War III, seems to have warranted a nod on the anticipation level. The interesting thing about it is that you will have the option of being in control of the fight on many levels. There will be three separate factions that you will be able to lead or join - the European Enforcers, the U.S. Joint Strike Force, and the Russian Spetsnaz. Inside each faction you will be able to build your squad to your liking. With the capability of having up to twelve units in each squad, the strategy tactics of the game are shaping up to be quite nice. We will have everything including Riflemen, Mechanics, Panzers, Transporters, Helicopters, Artillery, and Commanders - all intricate parts of a successful squad. We will have the opportunity to assume the role of any of the units in the squad, unless you are the commander. This is where the strategic elements of the game will play a huge part, as well as the online multiplayer aspect of the game.

While the amount of details on the game are sketchy at best, we do know that there will be options aside from the massive plans for online gameplay. For instance, there will be a single player options. This mode is where we will find the full exploration of the units. As stated before, there will be seven different types of units to add to your squad. A total of twelve units make up your squad, so you will be able to pick a couple more of your favorite type of units. However, it seems that these units will have a cost. The good news about that is that all of the units will cost the same, so at least we know what to expect. You will also be able to personalize each of your units. Unfortunately, the extent of personalization has not been fully disclosed.

Tom Clancy's EndWar screenshot

EndWar is shaping up to be a nice addition to the military pantheon of video games, even in the very early stages. With Tom Clancy's name branded onto it, we can be sure what to expect. EndWar is set for a 2008 release, and we can assume that in the coming months more details will surface surrounding Tom Clancy's new mega hit game series. As soon as the info springs forth, we will pass it along to you.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Three factions to fight with including European Enforcers, the U.S. Joint Strike Force, and Russian Spetsnaz.
  • Single and Multiplayer options.
  • Choose from seven types of units, Rifleman, Mechanic, Panzer, Transporter, Helicopter, Artillery, and Commander, to build you perfect twelve unit squad.
  • Personalize your squad how you want.

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