Siege Wars


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Cast Earthquake: Cast Earthquake spell.
    Cast Heal: Cast Heal spell.
    Cast Shield: Cast Shield spell.
    Complete 10 levels: Complete 10 levels for 1 star or more.
    Complete 25 levels: Complete 25 levels for 2 stars or more.
    Complete 50 levels: Complete 50 levels for 3 stars.
    Complete Black Marsh: Complete all levels in Black Marsh location.
    Complete Citadel: Complete all levels in Citadel location.
    Complete Icy Plains: Complete all levels in Icy Plains location.
    Complete one level: Complete one level with any score.
    Complete Volcano: Complete all levels in Volcano location.
    Complete Wastelands: Complete all levels in Wastelands location.
    Get magic amulet: Get magic amulet from a level.
    Kill Black Mage: Brush of Black Mage.
    Kill Fire Mage: Destroy Fire Mage.
    Kill Frost Mage: Slay Frost Mage.
    Kill Green Mage: Get rid of Green Mage.
    Kill Sand Mage: Kill an enemy from Sand Mage Guild.
    Kill Sky Mage: Liquidate Sky Mage.
    Kill Violet Mage: Make away with Violet Mage.
    Kill Volcano Mage: End the life of Volcano Mage.
    Kill White Mage: Assassinate White Mage.
    Kill Yellow Mage: Defeat Yellow Mage.
    Upgrade Arch-Ballista: Upgrade your Arch-Ballista up to level 8.
    Upgrade Ballista: Upgrade your Ballista weapon up to level 8.
    Upgrade Bombard: Upgrade your Bombard weapon up to level 8.
    Upgrade Catapult: Upgrade your Catapult weapon up to level 8.
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