Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A few flies: Complete flies challenges in 1 level.
    A few ladybugs: Complete ladybugs challenges in 15 levels.
    Caloric balance: Get a positive caloric balance.
    Chromazone: Changed color a thousand times.
    Dangerous mutation: Complete level 60.
    Dont touch my Circulo Rojo: Complete level 41 without using the button.
    Fast recollector: Complete level 24 picking all the ladybugs under 17.5 seconds.
    Firewall: Complete level 75.
    First steps: Complete 5 levels.
    Fish Disturber: Disturb the same fish 25 times.
    FTL: Complete time challenges in 50 levels.
    Lot of flies!: Complete flies challenges in 30 levels.
    Lot of ladybugs!: Complete ladybugs challenges in all levels.
    Need for speed: Complete time challenges in 25 levels.
    No changes I: Complete level 10 without changing color.
    No changes II: Complete level 50 without changing color.
    Paparazzi: Complete level 15.
    Perfect betatesting: Complete all mission 5 levels and challenges.
    Perfect discovery: Complete all mission 4 levels and challenges.
    Perfect formula: Complete all mission 3 levels and challenges.
    Perfect photoshoot: Complete all mission 1 levels and challenges.
    Perfect robbery: Complete all mission 2 levels and challenges.
    Plagiarism: Completel level 45.
    RGB Agent: Complete all levels and challenges.
    Some flies: Complete flies challenges in 15 levels.
    Some ladybugs: Complete ladybugs challenges in 45 levels.
    Speed freak: Complete time challenges in 5 levels.
    Speedrunner: Beat all levels in less than 18 minutes (only counts best time of each level).
    The robbery: Complete level 30.
    Vegetarian: Complete level 63 without eating any fly.
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