Star Wars: Episode 1 - Racer

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Extra money

At the screen where POD parts are purchased, press [Shift] + [F4] + 4 for an extra $1000. Note: This may only be done five times before each race.

Taunt opponent

Select tournament mode, highlight "Start Race" and press [Space] at the menu. Then an intermission that features your character and opponent taunting each other will appear. Note: This will not work if your character is the track favorite.

Bonus characters

Finish first place on the indicated track and circuit to unlock the corresponding racer:

SebulbaBoonta Classic/Galactic
Aldar BeedoBeedo's Wild Ride/Amateur
Ratts TyerellHowler Gorge/Semi-pro
MawhonicAndobi Mountain Run/Galactic
Slide ParamitaAP Centrum/Invitational
Clegg HoldfastAquilaris Classic/Amateur
Bullseye NaviorSunken City/Semi-pro
Ark Bumpy RooseBumpy's Breakers/Semi-pro
Wan SandageScrapper's Run/Semi-pro
Bozzie BarantaAbyss/Invitational
Neva KeeBaroo Coast/Semi-pro
Ben QuadinarosInferno/Invitational
Teemto PagaliesMon Gazza Speedway/Amateur
Mars GuoSpice Mine Run/Amateur
Boles RoorZugga Challenge/Semi-pro
Fud SangVengeance/Amateur
Toy DampnerExecutioner/Galactic

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