Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    100 Perfects: Complete 100 Perfect Puzzles.
    200 Perfects: Complete 200 Perfect Puzzles.
    Complete Tutorial: Complete the Tutorial.
    Entwine Set Completed: Complete the Entwine Set.
    Entwine Set Perfected: Perfect the entire Entwine Set.
    Fifty Perfects: Complete 50 Perfect Puzzles.
    First 3x3 Completed: Complete a 3x3 puzzle.
    First 3x3 Perfected: Perfect a 3x3 puzzle.
    First 4x4 Completed: Complete a 4x4 puzzle.
    First 4x4 Perfected: Perfect a 4x4 puzzle.
    First 5x5 Completed: Complete a 5x5 puzzle.
    First 5x5 Perfected: Perfect a 5x5 puzzle.
    First 6x6 Completed: Complete a 6x6 puzzle.
    First 6x6 Perfected: Perfect a 6x6 puzzle.
    First Perfect: Complete your first Perfect Puzzles.
    Flourish Set Completed: Complete the Flourish Set.
    Flourish Set Perfected: Perfect the entire Flourish Set.
    Persist Set Completed: Complete the Persist Set.
    Persist Set Perfected: Perfect the entire Persist Set.
    Prodigy Set Completed: Complete the Prodigy Set.
    Prodigy Set Perfected: Perfect the entire Prodigy Set.
    Sundry Set Completed: Complete the Sundry Set.
    Sundry Set Perfected: Perfect the entire Sundry Set.
    Ten Perfect: Complete 10 Perfect Puzzles.
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